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Unlike a natural stone tile, a ceramic tile is treated by a factory. The base of a ceramic tile forms earth. This earth is baked at temperatures of 1000 - 1250 degrees Celsius. A good ceramic tile is also known as the most durable and user-friendly of all types of floors. To make the tile more solid, minerals are added, and a glaze layer that can be applied in all colors makes the tile water resistant. This tile is therefore practical in use but also certainly decorative.The raw materials that make the pottery come from the earth, so the result is a material of excellent quality thanks, among others, to the clay. In addition, of all this natural synergy we obtain a sustainable and resistant product, easy installation and with an endless of designs that make it the favorite of all the houses. They are thin, flat pieces made of clays, silica, fluxes, dyes and other raw materials. Ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. Because the tile is baked at high temperature, the pores close up so that no dirt can settle between the tiles. There are different types of ceramic tiles with different characteristics according to their application.Ceramic tile is suitable for both floors and walls. Their regular shape allows them to be installed with hardly any space between them. It has a number of advantages, such as they are durable, easy to maintain, resistant to water and stains. Although they are also cold, hard and slippery, especially when they are wet, which makes them have less attractive spots.There are many benefits of using ceramic tiles and choosing one type, or another depends, among other things, on the location, the functions you will meet or what decorative value you will give to each stay, you must choose the best class for each result. So whatever your purpose of purchasing ceramic tiles may be, you can get them in large quantity through MoCo Marble Tiles. We let you conveniently buy ceramic tiles from renowned ceramic tiles manufacturers, suppliers and companies that are offering you latest designs, sizes and colors in high-quality ceramic tiles. Check out our range of ceramic tiles vendors above and connect with them to get quoted.

what is unglazed tiles | MoCo Marble Tiles

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Whether it's for the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room or the corridors, more and more people are choosing tiles to decorate their home. But the choice in terms of tiles is vast, and it is sometimes difficult to decide before starting work. The selection of tiles depends on several parameters to be taken into accounts such as personal tastes, the overall harmony of the house or price.In general, the aesthetics of a tile means that the size of the joints must be proportionally decreasing to the size of the tile. For example, a small tile will have proportionally thicker joints than a big tile joint that will be thicker but proportionally less. The two most common types of tiles are natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles. In addition, you also have the choice to go for cement tiles. Among natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles are various types of tiles of different materials, sizes and thicknesses that increase or decrease the price. These two types of tiles come in a variety of ways, the prices differ, the tiles have a different look, and the degree of maintenance differs. You probably want to enjoy the chosen tile for years, so it's wise to explore the pros and cons of both types of tiles.Then there are floor tiles that offer an easy maintenance to the every day, resistance, optimal hygiene and it, therefore, folds to all destinations, even the most unusual.There are also wall tiles that fit remarkably well to the rooms of water, as well for the bathroom as the kitchen. It offers an effective protection against infiltrations and doubles on one aesthetic side. Apart from the mosaic or natural stone, there are two main categories of wall tiles: earthenware and porcelain stoneware.Curious about what the most suitable tile is for your space and what is the cost of placing tiles? Request quotes with authentic tiles manufacturers and suppliers at MoCo Marble Tiles, free of charge and without any obligation. They can provide you with customized information that makes your search for the best matching tile easier. Check out our range of tiles suppliers and manufacturers above and get the best quality tiles in bulk.

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It is a dream for everyone to decorate and adorn their home in a way that offers welcoming and eye catching feeling to the decors. Ways of home decoration vary from person to person according to their likes, culture, and options. But one thing always holds a great significance in home decoration, and it is the selection of roof tiles. Tiles are decorative blocks and sheets made from ceramic of calcium carbonate. Roof tiles are installed on the roof of a house, office, industries, institutes and come in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and types. A selection of good roof tiles not only enhances the overlook of your home but it allows you to reflect your ideas in creating a breathtaking home décor. Many suppliers are offering high-quality roof tiles in bulk that are ideal for use in indoor and outdoor spaces with increased life span and durability. So, if you’re interested in getting them, MoCo Marble Tiles brings these Roof Tiles manufacturers and suppliers to fulfill your wishes. If you’re thinking of buying these Roof Tiles in bulk, you can use the above collection to find reputable suppliers and manufacturers of Roof Tiles.

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Mosaic tiles are timeless and are being applied more and more. You can use them as an accent wall in the bathroom or the toilet, but in the living room or the kitchen, the mosaic tile cannot be ignored. Not only on the walls but also on the floors they are still used. Here we think of shower floors or a room in a hall or living room.Mosaic tiles are also perfect for combining with ordinary tiles. Mosaic is increasingly used in living rooms and businesses. There is a space choice of mosaic tiles, and therefore there is a lot to vary. Mosaic tiles also exist in different sizes. For a modern or sleek design, it is usually chosen for glass and ceramic mosaics. To create a classic atmosphere, natural stone mosaic tiles can be used again. With mosaic tiles, you can vary endlessly. Not only in size and style, but also in pattern and color. For example, a mosaic is known for displaying beautiful figures.Mosaic tiles are available in different types. Here you can think of ceramic, hard stone, marble, slate, travertine and glass mosaic. Mosaic tiles are also perfect for combining with ordinary tiles. Mosaic is increasingly used in living rooms and businesses. There is a space choice of mosaic tiles, and therefore there is a lot to vary with. Mosaic tiles also exist in different sizes. For a modern or sleek design, it is usually chosen for glass and ceramic mosaics. To create a classic atmosphere, natural stone mosaic tiles can be used again. With mosaic tiles, you can vary endlessly. Not only in size and style, but also in pattern and color. Using different colors allows you to obtain the pattern as desired. Mosaic is not only very decorative but also very practical. It is easy to take and therefore very hygienic. Also, a mosaic tile is moisture-proof, so that moisture cannot penetrate the walls.Mosaic are small tiles, which have a lasting decorative added value. The most important aspect of mosaic tiles is their decorative character. Mosaic tiles come in several versions, including ceramic mosaics, glass mosaics, natural stone mosaics. As far as finishes and colors are concerned, there is a broad range of products in different price categories. So if you’re looking for premium quality mosaic tiles for flooring projects then go through our list of popular mosaic tiles manufacturers and suppliers above and get a quote to know more. Now you can buy mosaic tiles in bulk through MoCo Marble Tiles without any difficulties.

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或许对于刚刚接触家装行业的人,以及准备进行房屋装修的客户而言,什么是天然大理石?什么又是人造大理石?他们根本分不清楚。 既然分不清什么是天然大理石以及人造大理石,就更遑论如何选择哪种大理石进行装修了。所以下面,小编就简单的为大家介绍一下天然大理石以及人造大理石各自的性能以及优缺点,以便大家能够快速的了解。 因人造大理石是由多种碎石制成,所以人造大理石有许多天然大理石没有的特性,比如,花色繁多、柔韧度较好、衔接处理不明显、整体感非常的强,而且绚丽多彩,这些都是天然大理石没有的。人造大理石最大的缺点,就是对人体有比较显著的伤害(甲醛),而这也是消费者最关注的问题。 大理石装修效果图 1.首先是天然大理石的结构及性能: 天然石是地壳中原有的岩石经过地壳内高温高压作用形成的变质岩。天然石在日常使用中主要分为大理石和花岗岩两种,凡是有纹理的,都称为大理石,以点斑为主的称为花岗石,天然大理石质地致密但硬度不大,容易加工、雕琢和磨平、抛光等。大理石抛光后光洁细腻,纹理自然流畅,有很高的装饰性。大理石吸水率小,耐久性高,可以使用40-100年。优点:花纹自然、抛光后手感好、硬度强、相比人造要耐磨很多、不怕着色,有毛孔,会渗透 缺点:天然大理石脆、平整度稍差、大理石与大理石的连接处有些明显,不能做到无缝拼接,易滋生细菌,弹性不足。 2.接着是人造大理石:优点:花色繁多、相对天然有一定的柔韧度、大理石拼接时的连接处不明显、整体感强! 缺点:化学合成物质部分对人体有害、色硬度小、怕划、怕烫、怕着。部分劣质人造石板含有超量的苯,甲醛,铅,有机酸等有害物质,甲醛和苯将会在3-5年时间内不断连续的挥发,这种有害物质对人体呼吸系统和消化系统都有一定伤害。 接着我们聊聊人造大理石与天然大理石鉴别方法:1.天然大理石色泽比较透亮,会有大面积的天然纹路,用我们的行话说就是这石头是活的。 2.而人造的大理石颜色比较混浊,而且没有纹路,行话说就是这石头是死的。 由上可知,天然大理石与人造大理石最大的区别就是一个是天然形成,一个是日后经过加工合成。 最后小编为大家介绍一下两种大理石各自的用途: 1.一般来说,天然大理石,具有很高的抗压强度、耐磨性以及耐久性。由于其表面有细孔,所以在耐污方面较弱。尽管出厂时,商家会在其表面进行色泽等方面处理,但一般使用半年到一年左右就会显露出其真实面孔。在室内装修中,电视机台面、窗台台面、室内地面等适合使用大理石。而门槛、厨柜台面、室外地面就适合使用花岗石。 2.人造石在色彩、防潮、防酸、防碱、耐高温、拼凑性方面优于天然石,适合用在一些恶劣环境中,例如厨房、洗手间、阳台等地。阳台上石材的选择以防滑和耐磨、不易褪色为主,而卫生间中石材需要在防滑、防酸、防碱和防潮方面有保障。人造石易清洁,脏污可以用肥皂或清洁剂清洗。 天然石和人造石优点各异,消费者在选购时应跟据家中不同位置来选购。选购石材不仅需要着重外观,其性能和质量也同样重要。 说了它们这么多的优缺点,业主最后还是要按照实际情况来选择大理石,不要盲目的跟风,也不要一味的省钱,多咨询一些专业人士,制造合理的预算,打造专属于自己的完美住宅。 文章链接来源www.slfsy.com

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