What is slate?

June 01, 2022
  1. First, Definition of slate:

  2. ▲  Slate is made of natural raw materials through a special process, pressed by a press of more than 10,000 tons (more

  3. than15,000tons), combined with advanced production technology, and1200 ℃, which can withstand cutting, drilling, A

  4. new type of porcelain material for grinding and other processing processes.

Second, the use of slate:

▲  Slate is mainly used in the field of countertops and walls and floors, and can be used in home and commercial projects. 

Such as: kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, furniture countertops, can also be used for wall and floor paving, cabinet 

decorative panels and other applications . 

Third, the advantages of slate:

▲  As a new species in the field of sheet metal , slate home furnishing has the advantages of large or small specifications, 

strong moldability, various colors, high temperature resistance , low temperature resistance , abrasion resistance, scratch 

resistance, anti-penetration, acid and alkali resistance compared with other household products. , zero formaldehyde , no 

radiation , environmental protection and health and other characteristics. 

Fourth, the common specifications of slate:

▲ The production of slate of different thicknesses and specifications is actually determined according to the application field.

▲ For example: furniture countertops mainly use 12MM , 6MM thickness slate, various cabinet door panels mainly use 3mm

thickness, kitchen countertops mostly use15MMthickness, bathroom cabinets mainly use12MMand15MM thickness, wall paving 

use slate Then use 6mm and 12mm thickness more.

Five, the development trend of slate:

▲  Slate can gradually replace the use of natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, ceramic tile, wood, glass, metal 

and other materials, and its appearance has expanded the application field of domestic and oversea industry plates.

▲  Most of the current stone slabs are imitating stone texture, and the surface texture is mainly fine matte surface, rough 

surface and bright surface. The whole-body slate that is the same on the outside will also be enriched in 2020 Perhaps, slate 

will imitate wood, cement, steel, solid color, leather texture, and abstract texture in the future. In the future, slate will have 

more real three dimensional sense, light transmission characteristics, can be bent to a large extent, or embedded with 

intelligent The chip displays data like an LED ...

Six, slate application appreciation:

▲  Stone slabs are displayed in the application fields of building facades, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, background walls, 

and floors.

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