Marble Look Tiles


In the tile body structure, marble tiles are divided into full body and non-full body. In the finish, marble tiles are divided into glazed polished and polished. In terms of surface treatment, marble tiles can be divided into glossy, soft and matte. In terms of size, marble tiles are divided into 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm, 750x1500mm, 900x1800mm etc.

Full body marble look tile is a tile product whose body and surface texture color are basically the same. On the tile body, the color, texture and function are infinitely close to the natural effect, and the texture are more transparent. Therefore, full body marble tiles are very popular in recent years.

Full body marble tiles can be edged, polished, and grooved, with the performance effect of "the same inside and outside". It can be flexibly used in indoor and outdoor wall & floor, countertop, home processing and other fields. It has a great potential.

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