Ceramic Tiles


Glazed tile, also known as ceramic tile, is a traditional bathroom wall tile. Glazed tiles are rich in color patterns and specifications.

The glazed tile surface can be fired with various patterns and styles, which can be flexibly selected according to the home style. Glazed tiles are widely used and are often used in indoor kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces where waterproofing is required.

Glazed tiles are available in rich colors, patterns, sizes, and choices. The surface can be made with various patterns and patterns, and even the size of the pattern can be customized, so that the design itself has more possibilities.

The new product is versatile and practical. It is bold, innovative and diversified in application. It can be used in a mix and match of various specifications, providing more possibilities for modern home decoration. It can be widely used in balconies, rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other places.

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