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Sintered Stone Tile is a new type of environmentally friendly material, an upgraded version and a new category derived from ceramic slab tiles and ceramic slim tiles. Because of its excellent physical properties and wide application functions, it is highly respected and loved by designers.

MoCo Surfaces & Ceramica is a leading large format tiles manufacturers,specialized in Large format Tiles,Sintered Stone Tile and ceramic slab tiles.And we provide customized Large format Tiles service.Large format Tiles have strong decoration, high space utilization, larger size and rich color. Its texture sense is higher and its thickness is thinner than various natural stone, which maximizes space utilization.

The application of slate in walls, kitchen and bathroom space, furniture, countertop, and different home spaces has already subverted people's cognition of the application of ceramic decorative panels in traditional households, realizing the all-round application of slate in the overall space.

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