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Unique design, exquisite carving. This is what you can call a non-mobile round table. The table top is made of marble and has a slight terrace cut which makes it more friendly. The columns in the center are thick, with sharp cuts and majestic views. On the other hand, these seats look modern and have a net on the back, very common

what is polished marble | MoCo Marble Tiles

Why is polished marble ?

A key feature is the customisation of the chair; They include the choice of high, low or narrow back and painted or polished aluminum frames. Eames Time Life executive office chair $3319 for Herman Miller Ames chair has long been associated with quality and durabilitySteve Jobs\'s favorite is also a common sight in the CEO\'s office.

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Introduction of lead words in old time.A wide variety of house sign makers and stone sculptors should be interested in the old methods of carving stones.One method rarely seen or used today is the lead word.Lead lettering is a technology that has been in use for about 400 or more.Mainly used for headstones and memorial stones, but also on House signs, craftsmen who indicate trade or prosperity living in a particular building or workshop or working from that building or workshop.Why lead letters?The reason for its early popularity was that there was no lasting external paint to highlight the letters, the lead font was able to withstand years of weathering, and was still clear and easy to read.There are usually two forms of lead.Smooth.and raised in-relief.It has always been considered the most ideal and prestigious method of lettering.The leading font used to be, and is still a highly skilled and labor-intensive craft.For this reason, adding a lead lettering to a tombstone or House logo is a message to the person reading the theme of the logo, whether he is a merchant who sells his craft, it is also a dear late relative who is a rich and wealthy person or a member of a rich and valuable family.Two methods of lead words.The methods of these two technologies are similar.Lettering will be engraved with a pencil on the surface of the stone.Each individual letter cutter has its own favorite and designed font.The inscription will then be cut out and cut into stone with a hammer and a chisel, like the lettering is v-Just cut it to the stone.Here, however, the letter cutter does not need to finish the letter carving so cleanly, in fact, the slightly rough surface of the letter will contribute to the grip of lead.He will then drill three to six small holes evenly in each letter using an Archimedes drill or a steel drill with a manual belt drill and a sharpening.In this photo, you can see the holes in the explosion section of the letter \"Y.Take the lead.Lead is a soft, plastic type that is provided in the form of paper.Working one letter at a time, lead will be cut with a metal cutter into small strips of size that match each letter.Each bar will be left on the main paper with a tiny uncut tip and twisted to align with the letter.Each strip is twisted into a shape suitable for the letter at hand.S will twist into S shape, P will twist into rough P shape and so on.There are still three lines attached to the hips of M and W.In turn, each letter will hammer its lead bars into it with a mallet.Flush or raised font?If the surface of the inscription is to be flat lettering, the letter cutter will continue to hammer until the lead is flattened.The surface of the stone is then polished by a whole piece of soft abrasive sandstone.This will remove the excess lead, smooth the surface of the font, while blackening the lead.If the font is intended to be raised in relief, the grade of lead used will be thicker.There are still lead characters in each letter, but the surface of the lead character leaves pride.Then, cut each letter into the correct shape with a sharp steel cut and a peeling knife.A very skilled and time consuming task.Therefore, the lead lettering proposed in relief is rightly considered to be the most popular and prestigious method for all and the most expensive one!This photo shows very old \\\"Relief \\ \"leadership work still exists after 200!.For those who are interested in pursuing this theme!Lead today.Until thirty or forty years ago, the lead words on the tombstone were common.When I was an apprentice 40 years ago, the defining sound of our memorial bricklayer workshop was the ringing of the bell, as loud as knocking on the scissors.Whenever I walk along the memory lane, I can still hear the echo of the old timers tapping their songs.Today is a rare sound.However, some cut letters still retain the old craft.Learning the skills to make lead words is never easy and getting all the necessary skills is a long journey.Learning to draw letters, writing inscriptions with the eye of the artist and the precision of the drawing staff, and obtaining the carving skills of cutting stone letters with hammers and chisels is an achievement in itself.Only in this way can you start learning how to work with leaders.It takes years of practice and exercise and dedication.Today, the letter who can create lead characters is no longer a businessman when I was young, but is considered to be an artist and sculpture specializing in lettering.Most people can make a living, no one will become rich, they get craft from their love of old skills, and should always applaud, respect and value their true skilled craftsmen.

Features and Usages For polished marble

The degree of reflection is another factor that should be generally considered for wall lighting. The bright and matte surfaces are ideal for even wall cleaning, providing soft, scattered light to the room. In contrast, a smooth material, such as a polished stone or metal, can produce unpleasant reflections on the light source and create glare.

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In Conclusion

一直以来,当人们家里有亲朋好友到访,我们都会热情的请客人到家中客厅的茶几旁,泡上一壶好茶来招待客人,这时候,一张好的茶几就显得尤为重要了。 大理石茶几图片 根据人们的喜好不同,会选择材质不同的茶几,目前在市场上,大理石茶几与玻璃茶几两个大类,因为相对于传统的实木茶几,这两种材质的茶几具有易清洁,耐潮湿,耐腐蚀的优点。 相对于大众化的玻璃茶几,很多人都喜欢用天然大理石做的更显高雅的大理石茶几,但是挑选好的大理石茶几却不容易的事,下面小编就来介绍一下挑选好的大理石茶几的方法。 1、高档大理石茶几的表面大多有青玉玉石和紫玉玉石,还有水晶珍珠石,甚至还用紫水晶和白水晶等来装饰,其中青玉石和紫玉石以及红龙石等是属于纯天然的石料,在使用过程当中不会染色。一些劣质的大理石茶几会使用白色的大理石经过染色之后假冒青玉石来进行销售,这样的大多颜色不纯。 2、天然的大理石有其天然的图案及色彩,如果是优质的大理石茶几就会选择使用整块的石材来对其进行制作,不同的部位则会选择不同的用料来完成。在选用过程当中,消费者则可以从大理石表面的天然纹理性和边角上的斜边性来进行鉴别。一般劣质的大理石茶几则会在边角处使用边角料来完成,整体缺乏变化。 3、对于市场之中所出现的大理石茶几其可以被分为天然大理石茶几和人造大理石茶几两大类,而天然的大理石则又可以被分为优质的大理石和劣质大理石两种,所以,在选择大理石茶几时则需要了解其石材之中的差别性。 其实,只要能分辨出商场中以次充好的劣质大理石茶几,找到优质的大理石茶几,就能根据人们自己的喜好挑选适合自己家居风格的高端大理石茶几。 文章链接来源www.slfsy.com

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