The application of rock slab?

June 01, 2022

In recent years, slate has become a supernova of environmentally friendly materials due to its excellent physical properties, and is highly respected and loved by designers.


As a new species in the field of home furnishing, compared with other home furnishing products, slate home furnishing has the characteristics of large size, strong 

A stone slab is a big stone, flat and of little thickness, moldability, various colors, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, anti-penetration, 

acid and alkali resistance, zero formaldehyde, environmental protection and health .that are generally used for paving floors, for covering walls or as headstones. 

Most dolmen constructions .they were build using stone slabs of big dimensions. The main applications of the slabs as material of construction are for pavings and in the construction of roofs. 

rock slab

Based on the above advantages, slate is widely used by many home enthusiasts in the fields of building facades, interior floors, walls, bathroom spaces, cabinet countertops, 

furniture panels , etc. So what is it like? everyone look down.

slate application


building facade

rock slab for building facade

Based on the physical properties of fire resistance, frost resistance and high temperature resistance , slate is a very friendly choice for building facade materials, and 

the fire rating is A1.

rock slab for building facade materials

large rock slab

Its anti-freeze characteristics come from the strict anti-freeze test during the production process, and it is resistant to -80 ℃ low temperature, so it can withstand cold 

weather without damage.

anti-freeze rock slab

anti-freeze large rock slab

anti-freeze slate


interior wall, floor

rock slab for interior wall and floor

The slate itself has the characteristics of stain resistance and wear resistance, and it is quite suitable for indoor walls and floors.

1. Wear-resistant

The slate is generated at high temperature and high pressure, and the hardness is above 5. Directly using a steel knife will not cause scratches or damage to the slate, 

and it is also extremely wear-resistant when used as the ground!

Wear-resistant slate

2. Anti-fouling

In the pressing ability of the super tonnage press, the slate has a high degree of compactness , has an independent nano-protective layer, and has a grade 5 stain-resistant 

surface treatment .

Anti-fouling rock slab


cabinet countertops

rock slab use for cabinet countertops

Slate is used for cabinet countertops because of its antibacterial, antibacterial, high hardness, impact resistance and other characteristics.

  1. 1. High hardness and impact resistance

High hardness rock slab

The thickness of the slate varies from 3mm to 20mm , and even the thinnest slate has high hardness and impact resistance.

impact resistance rock slab

The impact resistance of a 6mm-thick rock slab is equivalent to that of 35mm granite, and it will not break even if you chop meat and bones on the rock slab.

6mm-thick rock slab

2. Antibacterial and antibacterial

antibacterial rock slab

The slate has a food-grade surface , is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has passed the NSF certification, so there is no need to worry about mold invading 

the green body. (NSF is a designated WHO Collaborating Centre for Food Safety and Drinking Water Safety and Treatment.)

healthy rock slab

environmentally rockslab

food grade surface rock slab

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