Why do natural marble textures have similar textures

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After tens of millions of years of geological movement, natural marble has evolved under the influence of the natural environment to be different and have their own characteristics. With different texture types, each piece of marble seems to be a picture scroll, a work of art, etc., which is full of imagination. Space, which is why natural marble has gradually become the main force of home improvement. Bruce gray beautiful pattern background wall I don't know if you have thought about these questions: But in the decoration, many owners will have such a question, aren't the patterns of marble different from each other? Why do some textures look the same when marble is typesetting? Indeed, the texture of natural marble is special and natural, but there are so many types of typography that look similar in practical applications. What is the reason for this? In fact, everyone can understand it with a simple example. Friends who have cooked and cut meat must know that if the meat is cut into small slices, the texture of the two adjacent slices of meat is basically exactly the same. . The same is true for stone, although the pattern of natural stone will not be exactly the same, but the texture of two adjacent pieces of stone must be very close.

Then, the cut stones are mirrored and arranged in a pair of flowers, isn't it forming the stone pattern of the following flowers? Then, after the design and typesetting of the designers, the neat, symmetrical, mountain-like, or water-like beauty, after the marble paving, is vividly injected into the homes of the owners, such a beautiful Marble texture is a masterpiece worthy of all homeowners.


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