Wholesale price of marble dining table How to choose marble dining table

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Marble dining tables stand out among all kinds of dining tables because of their environmental protection, health, practicality and beauty. Its price range will vary greatly due to different types of marble, so it is relatively more cost-effective to choose marble dining tables wholesale. Marble manufacturers with their own mines cut and polish the marble blocks mined from the mines to make marble dining tables, because the manufacturing process varies from simple to complex, and the price will change accordingly. The price of a simple polished surface can be 100 or more, while the pickled surface marble dining table made of acid and concentrated sulfuric acid washing and spraying and the water jet cutting made of Foshan white marble and gray marble mosaic are 500 or more price up.

The marble dining table consists of a marble top with a frame and legs made of solid wood or stainless steel. The height, thickness and shape should be selected reasonably. The dining table in an ordinary family is for 3 to 6 people. Generally, this kind of dining table should have a length of at least 120 cm, and the best length is about 150 cm. If there are many dinner parties, a round table is more suitable.

The thickness of the dining table is generally 1.8CM, and the thickness can be increased appropriately if there are special requirements. The exquisite living environment starts with an exquisite marble dining table, and the tempting and delicious food seems to become more delicious under the carrying of the dining table. In this way, enjoying food not only satisfies physical needs, but also a spiritual feast. The styles of marble dining tables are changing with each passing day, and they are rich and varied. With the development of architectural design, marble dining tables will gradually become the mainstream of dining table choices and become the most sought-after furniture.


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