What problems should be paid attention to during the transportation of natural marble

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Natural marble is an indispensable building stone in modern decoration. During the transportation process, the most common problem is that the stone will be staggered and lost during transportation. These losses during transportation are harmful to suppliers and transporters. For customers, it is the most troublesome problem, and many disputes are often caused by this. If you want to effectively solve this problem, the transportation process of natural marble needs to follow the following transportation principles: 1. Preparations before transportation: prevention first, be prepared . For the sake of safety and avoiding losses, preparations can be made according to different situations, product specifications, quality, distance, and transportation methods. For example, large-scale marble slabs should be firmly nailed with hard wooden squares.

The slats can be bundled with wooden slats and iron turns. Special-shaped products and handicrafts should be packed in cartons and wooden boxes to protect sharp corners. It is strictly forbidden to use colored plastics and straw ropes to bundle clean and easily polluting products.

2. Pay attention when using a crane or inserting a car: The operator must concentrate, and no idlers are allowed to approach; Use a strong steel wire rope. When the steel wire rope is suspended, it can be placed according to the size of the board. The hook should be in the center position, and it should be deflected suddenly. When drawing the rope, it should be straightforward and not hard to prevent the surface of the board from being scratched. When loading and unloading stone with a crane, check whether there are high-voltage wires and buildings that hinder the operation.

When the stone is suspended in the air by a crane, do not swing. 3. Small trailers should be used in stores, freight yards, machine rooms, and living rooms for short distances. The length of the trailer should be suitable for the stone material, the frame and tires should be intact, and the transportation should be stable. Before loading and after unloading, the board should be lifted vertically during manual handling, and horizontal lifting is strictly prohibited.

Porters should wear gloves, not slippers. 4. The trains, ordinary and large-tonnage cars carried can be roughly divided into containers and sealed containers. Open-air discharge is strictly forbidden to hang stones horizontally and vertically along the running direction to reduce losses.

There are the most forms of vehicle handling, and there are many accidents. The points to pay attention to are: Choose a good car, especially when transporting large slabs of stone, and never let the sick car go on the road. The center frame should be strong, and 2-3 wire ropes should be prepared for escorting the car. Do not use fiber hemp rope instead; the vehicle must slow down when encountering mountain roads, rainy and snowy weather, strong winds or passing people, and be especially careful.

Do not make sharp turns or brake. To load according to the product, the smooth board and thick board should be placed in front or on the bottom when loading. Finished products or thin boards are placed on the upper layer or at the back, and each layer should be separated by wooden strips to reduce corners and wear.

People and goods are loaded separately, and it is strictly forbidden for people to take the car carrying stones. As long as the above transportation rules are strictly followed in the transportation process, the loss problem in the transportation of natural marble can basically be effectively solved.


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