What is the difference between Foshan white railings and white marble railings? Advantages of Marble Railings

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan white railings can block enclosures and separate different areas; without cutting off the connection between various areas, it plays a very significant role in life. The white railings in Foshan, like the heroic imperial guards, are very decorative. The patterns carved on the natural Foshan white marble railings also play a role in embellishing the environment.

Foshan white marble carved railings are elegant and generous, and can be carved with various exquisite patterns. Auspicious patterns representing people's good wishes, various vivid flowers, insects, birds and animals, exquisite and beautiful plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and landscape paintings, etc., each of which can express a special meaning and is a beautiful sustenance. In addition to the carvings on the railings, the carvings on the capitals of the marble railings are also unique.

Carving stone lions can ward off evil spirits in town houses, carving birthday peaches can bring good luck, and carving lotus stigmas, lotus petal stigmas, cloud dragon stigma decorations, etc. The unique carvings of stigmas have incomparable significance. Although the white marble railings in Foshan are not as white and shiny as the white marble railings in the Temple of Heaven, they also have their own unique and rich sense of three-dimensionality and layering, which are comparable to the white marble railings. The small and unique Foshan white vase column railings combined with the simple and generous gray marble decorative lines condense the rich British flavor of ancient London, appearing unique temperament, and improving the taste and grade of the overall building.

Not only durable, but also calm and textured, adding a touch of charm to the environment. Foshan white marble railings have long service life and high ornamental value, and are an indispensable part of modern garden architecture. Marble railings with different styles and temperaments can play a very good decorative effect and bring people a lot of convenience and fun.


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