The function and role of marble skirting line in house decoration

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In the process of house decoration, people mostly discuss what materials are used for wall decoration and what materials are used for flooring, while skirting boards are an existence that is often ignored. , Even some people don't do the baseboard directly when they are doing house decoration, and ignore it. But what the editor said to everyone is that choosing a suitable marble baseboard can still add luster to the room. Today, the editor will introduce the role and function of the baseboard for you. I believe that after reading it, you will realize the importance of the baseboard for home decoration.

Marble skirting line decoration example picture 1. The function of skirting line: 1. Decorate the wall and maintain visual balance. Sometimes the color of the wall and the ground appears to be mixed, and the colors are relatively close. Separate it with a marble skirting line of another color. will have a separating effect. 2. Protect the gap between the wall and the ground. When the floor and tiles are laid to the foot of the wall, there will be a certain gap left by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the material. The expansion joint will be ugly, so pressing it with marble skirting line will also make The edges of the floor and floor tiles are stronger; 3. It is easy to clean after mopping the floor when it is wet and dirty, especially in the case of wallpaper, the skirting line is more useful; 4. The skirting line can also be used to cover the wires. Some lines are hidden in the baseboard, which can be slotted on the wall; some people choose the baseboard with wire holes, but there are few on the market, and most of them are wooden. After being soaked in water, it will be dangerous, and there are also aluminum alloy ones. , easy to deform, it is not recommended to use, the use of natural marble baseboard can avoid this risk. 2. Answers to questions about skirting boards, when to install skirting boards: under normal circumstances, when the hard decoration is basically completed and the furniture is installed before the furniture enters the venue, it is basically in the latter part of the entire decoration cycle.

According to the construction sequence of walls and floors, there are several special situations that need to be paid attention to: 1. If some lines are buried in the skirting line, it is necessary to wait for the line to be laid before installing. 2. If you use wallpaper, it is more appropriate to install the baseboard after the wallpaper is pasted. 3. If you customize the wardrobe, you need to install the skirting line after the wardrobe is installed, so that the side of the wardrobe can be close to the skirting line and will not appear too wide or too narrow.

3. Is the color of the skirting line the same as the door cover, or follow the floor? Obviously, these two options are relatively safe, and in principle, they can also have better visual effects. And when buying a door or floor, it is more convenient to buy the baseboard "piggyback". Since it is a matter of different opinions, there are several situations as follows: 1. Like the door cover, it has a stronger sense of horizontal extension; 2. Like the floor, it can clearly distinguish between the wall and the ground; 3. And If you choose the same color skirting line for the wall, it will make the room look taller; 4. If the wall and the ground are similar in color, you can choose other color skirting lines.

4. Can the whole house be paved with stone and solid wood skirting boards be used? Yes, the wooden skirting line can fit the door cover better, and if the white stone is matched with the wooden skirting line, it will be more concise and fresh. What is the best material for the skirting line? The baseboards on the market generally include wood, stone, metal, and PVC: 1. Wooden baseboards are often chosen by everyone. There are two materials, one is solid wood, and the other is MDF. If the outer wall is an inner insulation wall, this kind of wall cannot be drilled, and the baseboard can only be fixed directly with nails + glass glue. Even so, the baseboard will not be firmly fixed to the wall. need special attention. 2. Stone floor tiles are directly glued to the wall as the skirting line, which is very convenient and affordable, but if the cut edges are uneven, excess glue or adhesives will easily overflow, and the appearance will be ugly.

Artificial marble has more colors and shapes, and is more wear-resistant. It is more suitable for skirting, but the price is more expensive. 3. Metal material There are two kinds of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. In the early days, it was mostly metallic luster, which was mostly used in offices or industrial styles; now many aluminum alloy skirting boards have more changes, such as wood grain, brushed, etc., and the visual effect is much softer, which is more suitable for general household use.

Because of its material, the treatment of corners will be better, and the cost is cheaper than stone. 4. PVC material is cheap, and the color is the most changeable. There are imitation wood grain, imitation marble, and imitation metal wire drawing. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform or even crack. After a long time, the skin will fall off and the visual effect is not very good. . Therefore, based on the above baseboards, when you decorate the room, it is recommended that you choose the marble material, which has good protective performance and beautiful baseboards, to add luster to the home decoration.


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