Stone difficult to polish? It's just that you don't have the skills.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In daily stone production work, many workers who are new to the stone industry do not know why some stones cannot be polished no matter how they are polished. I will make a preliminary analysis of several factors that lead to the failure of throwing, and I hope it will be helpful to all stone workers. Example picture of polished gray marble 1. Freshly refurbished stone The newly refurbished stone is the initial crystallization, and the surface reacts with the acidic substance (the main component of the crystallization agent) for the first time, which is an active state. The surface of the stone that has just been ground is in a relatively rough state, and strong chemical etching is required to make the surface relatively smooth. At the same time, there is a greater demand for filling and micro-filling.

Therefore, the stone that has just been refurbished requires a larger amount of crystalline material. 2. Loose stone material The loose stone material is relatively low in calcium content, requires a strong chemical etching effect, and needs a large amount of crystallization agent to fill. In addition to the loose structure, the crystallization agent is easy to penetrate into the stone and cannot be left behind. The surface of the stone reacts and the crystalline material absorbs easily when thrown. 3. Stone with low calcium content Stone with low calcium content requires a large amount of crystalline material to fully react with it, and the light is slower and more difficult.

4. Whether the stone is clean and dry Stone clean and dry is a necessary factor for polishing. The same piece of stone is polished with a crystallization agent, and the gloss of the polished after pushing the dust can be about 3 degrees higher than that of the polishing without dust. Use steel wool to polish the stone when it is wet, and the stone is easy to blacken.

5. Excessive polishing Excessive polishing causes the temperature to rise too fast, and the stone will lose its luster as the temperature rises as soon as it reaches the optimal light temperature. 6. The temperature of the stone after dry grinding is too high. The stone cannot be polished immediately after dry grinding. It is necessary to wait until the temperature of the stone drops to room temperature before doing crystallization and polishing. Excessively high temperature will cause the chemical to evaporate quickly and the polishing will lose its luster. 7. The construction area, the weight of the machine, the rotation speed, etc. will also affect the light output of the stone.

When the project area is relatively large, the overall effect of crystallization polishing is not as good as that of small area construction due to uneven temperature. Generally, the weight of crystal polishing machine is 60kg to 80kg, and the speed of rotation is from 175 to 200. If the speed and weight exceed this speed and weight, the instantaneous temperature generated during the polishing process will be too high, which is not conducive to the stone to shine. After reading the problems that cannot be polished related to stone materials summarized above, you should have a relatively comprehensive understanding of how to polish stone materials, and then you can prescribe the right medicine and choose a method that suits you to polish stone materials.


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