Marble installation and sealing plan sharing

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In recent years, one of the most frequently used high-end materials in home decoration is natural marble. There are many colors of marble, and the texture is very beautiful. Very beautiful atmosphere, with grade. Effect picture of natural marble home improvement example However, natural marble is different from other ordinary decoration materials. During the installation process of natural marble, it is necessary to ensure that the natural texture of the surface is not polluted, and certain waterproof measures are also required. At present, there are three methods for stone installation and sealing: 1. No sealant is added to the empty seams, air convection is formed on the back of the stone, and water vapor is discharged outside to prevent temperature difference on the surface of the stone, so that condensed water will not appear on the inner surface of the stone.

2. The half seam sealing type is to keep the facade without sealant. The facade has a good three-dimensional effect, and the glue layer is actually hidden inside the joints. To ensure that the thickness of the sealant should be about 6mm, but not exceed the width, the width should be determined according to the quality of the glue. 3. Use neutral sealing silicone glue, which is a special glue for stone, to seal all the seams of the facade, so that the rainwater on the facade cannot enter the back of the stone, so that the stone is in a dry state, ensuring the bending strength and resistance of the stone. The shear strength remains unchanged.

In addition, when sealing the stone, it should be noted that the stone also needs to be "breathable". Stones are composed of various crystals, and crystals are composed of various minerals. The crystal structure formed by these minerals determines the type of stone. The integrity of the crystal has a lot to do with the millions of bacteria inside it, and the moisture inside the stone also needs to evaporate to the outside through the gap.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the survival and reproduction of these bacteria. After lengthy research, it was found that bacteria seemed to play an important role in keeping the stone intact. Secondly, it should be noted that when sealing the stone, the sealant is filled in the pores or crystal gaps of the rock, and will not flow out of the stone.

The purpose of sealing is to prevent liquid penetration and staining. Also, avoid using acrylic sealers or impregnants, as they can clog the pores, kill bacteria, completely block the flow of water through the stone, and cause internal cracking if the stone gets wet inside. If the sealer is applied in excess and not removed properly, leaving it wet, the stone under the sealer will fade and dull.

Understand the above points that need to be paid attention to in the installation of natural marble in the home, so that the beauty and elegance of natural marble can be brought into play after the decoration is completed.


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