How many kinds of high-quality and cheap Foshan marble are there

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In recent years, white stone has been very popular in the home improvement market. The simple and elegant style is very popular among designers and home improvement owners. Imported marble such as jazz white, ascot white, fish belly white, large white, and fine white is popular in the market. White marble products have always been sought after, but these imported white stones are expensive, not all customers can easily afford, so the same white, high-quality and cheap Foshan white marble has also been favored by the market. blitz. Foshan white marble is very cost-effective Foshan white marble is produced in Hezhou, Foshan. Foshan White has always been the first choice for building decoration (such as interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, floors, etc.) for its snow-white board surface, landscape and cloud-like texture, and low price.

Foshan white marble has a snow-white surface, yellow or gray ribs on the surface, and textures of different thicknesses, like mountains and rivers and clouds, beautiful and generous. Compared with other expensive white marbles, Foshan white is produced in China, has no overseas background, and the price Unpretentious, suitable for mid-to-high-end projects, cost-effective. At present, Foshan white marble is differentiated by the texture of the board surface. There are many varieties such as Foshan white and yellow patterns, black patterns, gray patterns, red patterns, wood patterns, yellow and gray double patterns, etc. The textures are unique and beautiful, and the varieties are rich and diverse. It can be said to be a domestic marble treasure, the first choice for mid-to-high-end projects, and the king of cost performance.


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