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Foshan stone is 30% of my country's white marble storage. In order to meet customer needs, Foshan white stone slab processing technology is strengthened. At present, Foshan stone slab technology has the following types: 1. Machine cut surface; also called raw board, which is cut by large saw The block material becomes a board, and the unprocessed board surface 2 polished surface; the polished surface is the most sold board surface in the market, and the high-gloss surface has always been loved by consumers, and the gloss of Foshan White Marble is as high as 96%. , smooth as a mirror, the refraction of polished crystals gives natural stone sparkling colors and textures. The luster comes from the natural refraction of the stone crystals. Polishing is obtained by using polishing tiles and polishing powder in the process.

The gloss is not due to the coating on the surface. Normal foot traffic and improper maintenance procedures can wear down quickly over time and the gloss of Foshan white stone will remain unless the surface of the stone becomes damaged. 3 Burning surface; spray water on the plate before flame spraying (to prevent the plate from being burned when the flame is spraying, and the water evaporates and absorbs heat when heated).

The surface layer of 0.5-1 mm is removed, and the Foshan stone material processed by this method exposes the natural color of the stone, which is simple, rough and natural. 4 Pickling surface: use industrial sulfuric acid to spray on the stone surface, and burn it into an uneven surface effect, so that the surface looks more retro, and the anti-slip effect on the pavement is good. 5 polished surface: ground into a flat plate to reduce gloss.

Different luminosity can be selected. The surface is smooth but often porous. This texture is usually used in buildings with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Polished floors should always be protected with SCI Stone Penetration Protector as it is very porous. The color of polished stone is not as vivid as that of polished stone.


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