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The exterior wall decoration of the building uses natural marble stone for dry-hanging, which is beautiful and practical. sturdy. However, the life of the dry-hanging exterior wall still depends on the usual maintenance and leak-proof and anti-seepage. Here, I will share with you the maintenance methods. 1. Reasons for water leakage in curtain wall 1. The three elements of water leakage in curtain wall are pores, rainwater and wind pressure.

Therefore, the stone slabs are embedded in the gaps of the structure and the geometry, size and exposure of the slabs, the size of the rainwater. The pressure difference inside and outside the curtain wall has a direct impact on the rainwater seepage function of the curtain wall. 2. The formation process of curtain wall water leakage When wind pressure and rainwater act on the surface of the curtain wall at the same time.

Rainwater splashes directly into the room through the gaps in the curtain wall or drips down the curtain wall. When the conditions are right, it can penetrate into the room by gravity, surface tension or capillary phenomenon. 2. Specific measures for curtain wall anti-seepage 1. Eliminate pressure difference opening method The most ingenious method is not to install sealing strips on the outer side of the curtain wall. Move the sealing treatment to the opening on the indoor side, that is, move the pressure difference to the indoor opening where there is no contact with rainwater, so that there is no wind pressure in the place where there is water, and there is no water in the part where there is pressure difference, which can avoid rainwater seepage Possibility of leakage.

2. Sealing balance treatment method The inner opening of the opening chamber should be sealed. This is done to prevent high-speed airflow in the gaps, drawing rainwater into the room. The height h of the inner flange of the beam steel where there is a possibility of water accumulation can avoid the probability of leakage after being increased.

Many experiments have proved that the height h of the inner flange is basically close to the value of the critical detection wind pressure. Therefore, increasing the height h of the inner flange of the beam is an effective way to improve the watertight level. 3. Open water guide method The curtain wall should be equipped with a smooth drainage channel system, so that the rainwater accumulated in the joints can be quickly drained, which is very important for improving water tightness.

The main method is to arrange the drainage system reasonably. Generally, the mosaic joints are arranged along the outside, and the drainage holes should be evenly arranged. The distance between the holes is generally about 500mm, and the distance between the holes at the corners is not less than 20mm, but not more than 100mm. In order to avoid storing water in the mosaic groove, certain pressure balance conditions must be created. The horizontal distance between the drainage holes of the upper and lower beams should be more than 50mm to prevent the air from colluding and press the rainwater into the room.

4. Implementation measures First, mark the location of the leak that has been detected, and determine the leaking location of the curtain wall according to the size and flow direction of the water mark. The maintenance method is as follows: 1. Sealant construction First, determine the lack of glue or less glue by the eye side and the detection method by hand, and then strengthen the glue on the part. 2. Install sealing water retaining line Add a section of floating decorative line above the outer wall, which can play a role of water retaining and prevent rainwater from penetrating.

3. Repair or replace the damaged part of the material. 4. After the surface of the weather-resistant rubber is not sticky, conduct a water test experiment. Spray the completed surface with a 2cm diameter rubber hose to determine whether there is still water leakage. 5. The specific construction method of weather-resistant sealant. The weather-resistant silicone sealant is bonded on both sides of the seam, and the sealing groove is filled with polyethylene foam pads, so that a cavity is formed in the sealing groove, and no holes are set in the outer gap. The sealing strip is sealed and glued at the opening on the inner side of the room, and the pressure difference is moved to the opening of the room where there is no contact with rainwater, so that there is water but no wind pressure and no water in the part with pressure difference, which prevents leakage Effect. The construction thickness of the weather-resistant seal is controlled at 3.5mm-4.5mm, because too thin is not good for ensuring the sealing quality and preventing rainwater leakage, and it is also not good for the tensile stress of the steel due to thermal expansion and contraction, but it should not be too thick to glue When it is too thick, it is easily damaged by tensile stress, making the seal and anti-leakage ineffective.

Natural marble stone has a series of advantages such as strong texture, strong decoration, long service life, etc., and has become the superior choice of dry-hanging stone for exterior walls, and has been recognized by many first-line developers in China.


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