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Natural white marble has always been the first choice for decorative stone, and the most commonly used stone in Baishi is also the most classic stone. There are three main high-end white stone mining areas in the world: Baoxing in China, Carrara in Italy, and VOLAKAS in Greece. The main component of white marble is calcium carbonate, which is a metamorphic rock that has undergone a high-temperature compression process. The white marble in Baoxing, China is mainly: Baobai, Dongfangbai, landscape painting, blue sky white jade, and Han Baiyu. Most of them are pure white, with less impurities. The special stone material in ancient my country is white marble. In the Qing Dynasty, the floors and corridors of the Forbidden City were mostly decorated with white marble marble.

The Carrara area is the most famous and largest white marble mining area in the world. It mainly produces fish belly white, snow white, large white, medium white, fine white and other varieties. All mines are concentrated within a radius of about 15 square kilometers. Stone mining is very convenient. The main point of Carrara white marble is that the hardness of the stone is not high, the texture of the stone is evenly distributed, and the pattern is very layered. The domestic Foshan white is somewhat similar to Carrara white, but the hardness of Foshan white is lower than that of Carrara white. The price difference is as much as 6 or 7 times. The VOLAKAS region of Greece mainly produces Jazz White, Jazz White, New Jazz White and other varieties, and the mines are distributed within the range of 8KM*2KM.

The main feature of Greek white marble is that the whiteness of the stone is very white, the marble texture is fine, and there are few impurities. White marble generally has a very beautiful decorative pattern, which is easier to form under high pressure. As the pressure increases, the impurities in the original will be oriented and arranged in parallel to form a beautiful pattern.

High-end natural white marble distribution. For example, the muscovite in Baoxingbai has a very obvious directional arrangement. Opening the board along the arrangement direction will cut out beautiful landscape patterns. Sutures are quite common in the original rock, for example, there are many obvious sutures on the board of Foshan White, which affects the appearance to a certain extent.

Fish belly white and snowflake white also have dark impurities, but after continuous extrusion and deformation under high pressure, the impurities are obviously scattered and lightened, forming beautiful patterns.


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