Enhancing Your Space with Large Format Tiles: Inspiring Tile Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

November 13, 2023

Thinking of revamping your bathroom? An excellent idea for sure! It can be an amazing place to spend some “me time” in the morning before getting ready for work, or you can use it show off to guests as well. Nowadays, many are opting for large bathroom wall tiles, to incorporate more depth to spaces!

What are large format tiles?

Some years back, the average 12” x 12” sized tiles were considered “large”, but that idea has definitely undergone a change with evolving technologies. A large format tile is basically any tile that has at least one edge greater than 15 inches. Large format tiles can be found in square or rectangular shapes, and were mostly used for commercial purposes such as in supermarkets, hotel lobbies, malls, etc. But now, they are being extensively used in residential spaces too.

Which are the best areas for large format tiles?


Large format tiles look great in the shower. In fact, you won’t have to put in too many of them either. One or two can make up a shower wall, and one very large tile can have a drain hole cut to accommodate a drain and serve as the shower floor. If the space is limited, you can opt for both large format tiles on the floor and walls. Some homes now also use large format tiles to replace smaller tiles as a sink backsplash. These tiles work as amazing flooring for the area around bathroom fixtures and laundry room floors. Since they have minimal joints to absorb water, collect grime, or grow mold, it means less maintenance too.


If you are looking for kitchen wall tiles, then large formal ones could work out well. Since they have comparatively joint-free surfaces, the walls stay neat and clean. You can use them for the floors as well, because they are easier to sweep or mop. They even contrast well with all the appliances, cabinets, and countertop items.

Why use large format tiles?



Large format tiles come with fewer grout lines, which means a smooth and more visually appealing surface. Smaller tiles have numerous grout lines, so they often crowd an area. Regardless of the room they are installed in, these tiles make it look more open and expansive. For instance, if you use longer rectangular tiles, they will draw the eye toward the more distant parts of a room and create the illusion of more space. While it is only an illusion, the comforting feel is certainly profound.

Imparts a Spacious Feel

For those who have to work in restricted spaces, don’t worry, because large format tiles will make any room much bigger than it actually is. Since these tiles are larger than standard tiles, they can make a room feel open and air airy.


Are you thinking of renovating the bathroom with tile pieces in custom shapes or sizes? That is exactly how they fit floors with angled edges around bathroom fixtures, and in other irregular spaces. Large format tiles have a clear advantage over smaller ones, as most of the time, only one tile requires cutting, instead of few small tiles. There is little need to align the edges of multiple cut tiles.

Easy to Clean

Large tiles with fewer joints and grout lines are easier to clean. You won’t have to put in much effort to scrub the grout, which can collect dirt, grime, spills, and germs. However, it is necessary to scrub grout lines from time to time since they do accumulate some dirt.

Elegant Look

Large format tiles impart a sophisticated appeal, as the flooring and walls look seamless, thanks to fewer grouting lines. They help to lengthen, visually, the size of the floor space without you having to compromise on the overall design of the room. With a plethora of design options, the surroundings will look marvelous, and make a statement about your incredible aesthetic sense.




While looking for bathroom wall tiles in large format, you will find them in several materials, sizes, and textures. Some materials include clay, porcelain, glass, metal, stone, resin, and so on. Remember that tile material affects its texture too. For instance, if you use stone, the surface is rough, while glass surfaces are smooth. Some materials are better for floors, and others are better suited for walls, so take these factors into account before purchasing.

Tile Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Natural effect tiles look amazing

When you blend natural tones with an eye-catching hexagon shape, these large tiles exude elegance and beauty. Since large format tiles mean fewer joins, it boosts flow, so the bathroom looks more expansive. Combine with natural-effect tiles, such as stone or resin for an opulent finish.

Experiment with colors

You don’t have to choose only one color for tiling the bathroom. You can use a blend of complementary tones, such as blues and whites, to create a very interesting design. For instance, you can induce a soothing effect with tiled walls in a glossy shade of blue and white, while positioning the tiles vertically to give the illusion of more height. Combine this with patterned wallpaper in similar tones.

Choose patterned flooring

As mentioned, large format tiles are convenient to clean and keep dry, which make them an incredible choice for bathroom. Go for patterned floor tiles to add impact to an otherwise muted space and give your bathroom the wow factor.

Try terrazzo

Interior decorators have always expressed fondness for terrazzo as a design trend, and it works wonderfully in the bathroom. However, you have to stop going overboard, or the entire design can look chaotic. Contrast terrazzo against plain tiles in complementing tones.

Use contrasting tiles

Would you like to be a risk taker? Make a bold statement in your bathroom by installing tropical themed tiles around the bath, and monochrome tiling in geometric designs on the floor!

Tiled splashback looks good!

If you want, you might not have to tile the entire bathroom walls to add impact to the space – a tiled splashback behind your sink, with patterned tiles, is all that is required to transform the bathroom.

Take a peek at herringbone tiling

Why not create zones within your bathroom with different tile designs, or even laying the same tiles in a different way? For example, choose a bold green or maroon tile, and place it in a herringbone design next to the bath and horizontally behind the sink.

Bonus: Create a bathroom inspired by a home spa

When people come back from work, they want a private space to relax and unwind. That is why; many are now designing their bathrooms like mini home spas, for that comfy and tranquil ambience. Use earthy colors such as soft browns and warm neutrals for the flooring and walls. It is best to opt for natural materials like stone, but since this will be a high-traffic zone, you should use hard-wearing, porcelain stone-effect tiles in large formats to reproduce the same colors, textures and warmth of natural materials.

Can't wait to try out these remarkable ideas with bathroom wall tiles? At Moco Surfaces & Ceramica, you are bound to find what you are looking for! Be it tiles with a glossy finish or ones with a rugged texture, we have everything you need. The flawless, uninterrupted look of large format tiles, impart a dramatic appearance to surroundings!




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