Window sill stone color selection and matters needing attention in decoration

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

In modern home decoration, the bay window is a very common design. People can sit on the bay window to enjoy the scenery outside the window and enjoy the comfort of life. Then, what color window sill stone to choose has become a matter of great concern to people. Window sill stone decoration example picture The following editor will introduce the advantages of each color system for you to facilitate your choice: 1. For window sill stone, the editor suggests that it is better to choose light colors, such as beige and beige, because the window sill is originally It is the place where the lighting is, and the light color is brighter.

Of course, it also needs to be combined with the color matching of window covers, curtains, walls and so on. Secondly brown: it represents the land. Brown is the color of the earth, which is associated with land, fertility, and generosity; compared with gray, brown gives people a warmer tone; brown represents simplicity.

2. You can choose golden flower beige or golden beige window sill stone. You must know that yellow is a warm color, and it is best to match curtains, but you should pay attention to the soft material, which has a slightly lower bearing capacity, and the price of the material is higher than that of granite. 3. You can choose the stone color of the window sill according to the home decoration. Generally, it can be matched with the overall decoration style. In terms of color, it mainly depends on the color of the home decoration, as long as it matches your overall decoration style. However, it is recommended that light colors such as white and beige are better, and the reflection effect on sunlight is obvious.

4. If it is an artificial stone window sill, you can choose a light-colored one, because the scratches on the light-colored window sill are not obvious, and the scratches on the dark-toned window sill are obvious. You can choose a similar color match or a contrasting contrast match with the window frame. Matters needing attention in window sill stone decoration: 1. Distinguish primary and secondary, and have clear functions.

Now the average family residence will have 2-3 balconies. Before the decoration, it is necessary to distinguish the main balcony, the secondary balcony and the bay window sill. It is very important to clarify the function of each place. 2. Pay attention to the quality of decoration. In the process of decorating the balcony of the living room, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the balcony decoration.

If packaging is required in balcony decoration, then the quality of packaging is the key to balcony decoration. 3. Pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment. Many families set up faucets on the balcony, or place washing machines, dry clothes, etc., or set up a vegetable sink on the balcony for use as a kitchenette.

This requires the balcony to do a good job of waterproofing and drainage on the ground. If drainage and waterproof work. The above content is for your reference only, and I hope it can be helpful to you. I will stop here for the explanation of what color is the best color for window sill stone and the precautions for window sill stone decoration. Here, the editor hopes that everyone can choose it. The window sill stone that is most suitable for your home decoration color system will make you happy at home.


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