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At present, natural stone on the market is mainly divided into three categories: marble, granite, and sandstone. Generally speaking, marble is mostly used indoors, granite is used both outdoors and indoors, and sandstone is mainly used outdoors. Let's see if natural marble will fade? Marble is mainly composed of calcite, dolomite and other minerals. It is a metamorphic rock formed by high temperature extrusion. The main component of calcite is calcium carbonate, the chemical formula is CaCo3, and the chemical formula of dolomite is CaMgCo3. Both have carbonate ions and belong to Alkaline substances, relatively active substances, easily react with sulfur dioxide in the air to form gypsum. Gypsum is in a granular state, and calcite easily reacts with water to form calcium bicarbonate, which turns into calcium carbonate when the water dries out.

Generally speaking, natural marble is used for interior decoration, why? Natural marble is an alkaline substance. After high temperature or wind blown marble, the mirror surface of the surface is easy to weather, and the gloss of the marble surface is reduced. As we all know, marble is composed of large or small granular crystals. After processing and polishing , Marble is like a mirror surface, bright and shining. If it is outdoors for a long time and reacts with sulfur dioxide, the gloss of the board surface will decrease. The marble surface belongs to its protective layer. As long as the protection of the surface fades, the marble is easy to weather and fade. Marble is prone to chemical reactions with sulfur dioxide and moisture in the air. Is there any way to protect marble from weathering and fading? In order to better ensure the brilliance of the stone, some stone merchants will use the method of waxing the marble surface to block the holes, reduce the contact between the marble and the water, and reduce the chemical reaction of the marble. Of course, the best way is to use marble for interior decoration.


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