Why is it popular to use natural marble as a threshold stone in home decoration?

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Now in decoration, paving threshold stones is popular indoors, but because the price of natural marble used for paving threshold stones is generally relatively high, on the other hand, additional labor costs are required for paving and pasting. So many decoration owners asked: What is the use of the threshold stone? Do all doors need to be pasted with threshold stones on the ground? Does interior decoration need a threshold stone? Why are the threshold stones made of natural stone? Marble Threshold Stone The following is a small editor to briefly explain the function and function of the threshold stone: First, it has a visual effect. Like the waveguide, the threshold stone can also play a visual soft partition effect. A distinctive piece of natural marble is paved on the floor, distinguishing the different areas at a glance.

Threshold stones are mainly used in kitchens, bathrooms, aisle door openings, bedroom doors, etc. The main function is to distinguish the functions of different functional spaces. Ceramic tiles, stone, solid wood floors, composite floors, carpets and terrazzo are often used for interior decoration floors. Among them, natural marble is mainly used for villa hotel decoration.

Carpets are commonly used in shopping malls, hotels, markets and other places. Terrazzo is mainly used in factory workshops, hospitals, office decoration, aisles or bathroom floors, etc. Since so many kinds of materials can be used for the ground, is it necessary to divide the ground space specially to use natural marble as the threshold stone? The answer is of course necessary.

The threshold stone can play the role of moisture-proof and prevent the floor from arching. The threshold stone of bathroom and kitchen also has the function of waterproofing to the outside. If the threshold stone is not used, the floor of the bathroom and kitchen will drop down, forming a height difference with the hall, which is not beautiful visually, and is not very convenient in life.

First of all, let's talk about bathrooms, kitchens, living balconies, and balconies that need to be individually considered for waterproofing. In these demanding functional spaces, due to the consideration of the overall waterproof effect, when entering these positions, make an integral material as much as possible to connect these positions with other spaces, and the ground at a door opening cannot be divided into too many blocks. paste. In the bathroom, kitchen, living balcony, and balcony, due to the consideration of overflow, the floor of the door opening must be at least 5mm higher than the inner floor, and the exposed 5mm must be reprocessed to prevent water from overflowing into the public area.

Secondly, except for the bathroom, kitchen, living balcony and balcony, the interior decoration floor is uniformly installed with laminate flooring or solid wood flooring, and the selection of each different space can fit, then it can be considered that the rest of these floors are not used as threshold stones alone. Then, when ceramic tiles or stones are made on both sides of the opening, the specifications of the selected ground materials are also different due to the different sizes of the openings of each room and the position of the opening. Tile joints cannot be joined naturally or can be joined but waste material and affect the overall aesthetics of the floor. Finally, when there are tiles or stones on one side of the opening and wooden floors on the other, it is recommended to make the threshold stone alone in order to avoid the appearance of clear brick joints just at the opening position and affect the appearance.

Therefore, whether the interior decoration floor needs to be made of threshold stone separately needs to be determined according to the specific method of floor paving materials. However, it can be concluded from countless decoration cases that making threshold stones can more effectively meet the division of functional spaces and the needs of special locations. , the overall indoor effect will be better, and the user experience will be better. Why are the threshold stones made of natural stone? The threshold stone is generally made of natural stone, and general decoration companies or home improvement designers recommend using natural marble as the threshold stone. The main reasons are as follows: indoor decoration inevitably has a balcony or a relatively long door opening in the kitchen (the bedroom threshold stone is generally less than 900mm, and the bathroom threshold stone is generally less than 800mm), if other materials are used to meet the length requirements of the threshold stone, resulting in a threshold There are too many joints of the stone, but it is not beautiful; the interior design is changeable, and the shape is also different. Sometimes there are special-shaped door openings that need to use the threshold stone. At this time, the advantages of natural stone as the threshold stone can be better reflected. Marble slabs are generally relatively large, which can well meet the length and shape requirements of different sizes of special-shaped threshold stones.

The floor tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, living balcony, and unclosed balcony are all 5 mm lower than the floor tiles in the other part (this is mainly for waterproof backflow), and the lower side of the threshold stone in these positions needs to be ground to a small bevel Polishing is used to ensure that the 5mm smooth cut exposed on the material section is consistent with the color and luster of the smooth surface of the board, which cannot be achieved with floor tiles. Then we try to keep the threshold stones of a general house consistent, including materials, colors, and methods. Try to avoid replacing the short threshold stones of a house with bricks, and then use natural stones for long ones. In this way, they cannot be consistent. It is beautiful, and the visual effect is also greatly reduced; finally, the price of generally better large-slab floor tiles is much more expensive than that of natural stone. very expensive variety). In fact, the pattern, color and luster of natural marble itself are more natural and beautiful, and a good selection of materials and panels can bring a different aesthetic feeling to the overall decoration.

Choose natural marble with natural and exquisite texture as the threshold stone, which can have a very good decorative effect.


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