Why does the market quotation of the same kind of marble fluctuate greatly

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

With the popularization of marble in the building materials and decoration market, most customers have some understanding of the benefits of using marble for decoration. When decorating their homes, they generally go to the building materials market to choose their favorite stones. When customers choose stone materials, they often encounter a situation: for the same stone material, why does each company offer different prices? Quotation fluctuates a lot? Effect picture of natural marble decoration example In fact, the price fluctuation of the same stone is related to many factors, mainly in the following aspects: 1. There are differences in the surface and color of stone. Marble is formed naturally. It is divided into old mines and new mines. The surface and inner stones are also different, so each stone is different, produced by different manufacturers, and different parts of the same stone slab have different shades of color. Strictly speaking, there is no complete stone in the world. The same stone, of course, the price is different.

2. Calculation methods are different. Stone materials are stored in the form of slabs or blocks. Slabs and blocks are equivalent to cloth for making clothes. When customers ask for prices, some will give the price of cloth, and some will give the price of clothes. Generally speaking, if the customer does not give a specific size list, the stone merchant will give the price of the large slab, that is, the price of the cloth. Only when the specific size is determined , merchants can give more accurate stone prices according to the size of the loss. 3. Different circulation links In the market, stone materials are sold directly by manufacturers, as well as distributors, even third-level and fourth-level distributors. The price difference is self-evident. Generally speaking, the physical store directly operated by the manufacturer has a relatively favorable price due to the omission of intermediate links.

4. Different pricing strategies In order to seize the market, some merchants offer some products with relatively transparent prices to sell at a profit during certain periods, and the prices of these promotional products may be relatively cheaper. 5. The processing technology is different. For the same stone, large manufacturers and brand manufacturers will use high-quality stone slabs with higher purchase prices for processing, with reliable quality assurance and strict processing management. The luminosity and precision of the products produced are better than For small manufacturers, the price will be relatively higher. Therefore, when buying home improvement stone products, you should not only look at the price, but also pay attention to the quality. If you only look at the price, you will enter a misunderstanding, that is, only compare the price, and you may choose or evaluate the stone supplier only by the price, but Other comprehensive factors besides price of a stone company are ignored.

Think about it carefully, is price really the only factor you value? Or is price the most important factor for you? Certainly not. At present, there are some stone prices on the market that are ridiculously low (the cost is not enough), most of these are non-standard merchants who want to attract customers through lower quotations, and then shoddy them, and then increase prices in various links in disguise to obtain high prices. amount of profit. When we buy stone products, we should pay attention to these problems. We should not be fooled by the low quotation. Don’t just look at the price of stone. , The stone materials chosen for decoration will be my beloved house in the future.


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