Who knows the effect of using natural marble as a home partition wall

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Whether it is a hotel, villa, shopping mall, or home decoration, there are always some places that need to be partitioned or remodeled. According to past practices, people usually choose to use red bricks as partition walls. Single red bricks are not only heavy, but also It occupies a lot of space and does not conform to the modern decoration style. Now more and more people are beginning to use natural marble as partitions. Using marble partition walls is not only beautiful in appearance, but also elegant and chic, which can improve the quality of home decoration. Marble partition picture Let's talk about the places where marble partition walls are suitable for decoration.

1. Partition, the facade that divides the room into more spaces can make the decoration style more varied. Compared with brick walls, partitions are flexible and aesthetically pleasing. Partition, as the name suggests, is to separate the space, distinguish the space, and break the inherent pattern of the space. The proper design also plays a decorative and aesthetic role, adding points to the home decoration design.

There are many materials used to make partitions. Wood, glass, metal, etc. are common partition materials, and marble can also be used as partitions. The natural color and texture make the space look generous and textured. 2. The porch, as the first space to enter the family, determines people's first impression of it. The porch is usually designed to separate the living room, avoiding unobstructed views in the public area and protecting privacy. Of course, the porch design also reflects the family The first place for style. The partition design of the living room can play a variety of roles. In a large apartment, the living room is relatively spacious, and the partition design can reduce the monotony and empty feeling.

Setting up a partition between the living room and the aisle leading to other areas of the home can not only distinguish the space but also serve as a decoration. Of course, the partition design is often used on the wall of the living room. 3. Modern home decoration The design of the bedroom is no longer just the traditional bed heightened background wall. The bed is placed in the center of the bedroom.

Half of the marble background wall is used as a partition, and the space behind is used as a dressing table or workbench. Marble is one of the good choices for the half background wall, which is convenient and classy. Use one thing for two purposes, use the TV background wall as a partition.

In small-sized families, in order to divide the area in a limited space, partition walls are often used, and high partitions will make the space appear crowded, so half-wall partitions have become a good choice. Of course, no matter what kind of apartment, the partition design has its certain effect. 4. Since the kitchen is a place with a strong atmosphere of life, waterproofness and oil fume are issues that need to be considered, and marble partitions are very suitable for use in the kitchen and are easy to clean.

For open kitchens, partitions are often used to differentiate spaces. 5. The bathroom is a space with a lot of water in the entire home environment, so it is necessary to separate dry and wet. Marble is used as a bathroom partition, which can distinguish the shower room from the dressing room, and the material is suitable as a waterproof partition. The good use of marble partitions not only enriches the practicability of home decoration design functions, expands and makes full use of space, but also plays a decorative role, and the natural texture of marble improves the quality of home decoration.


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