White Granite Stone Variety Encyclopedia and Price List of Origin

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The main components of granite stone are quartz, potassium feldspar, plagioclase, biotite, horn stone and pyroxene. Due to its high hardness, wear resistance, acid resistance and oxidation resistance, it is mostly used for outdoor walls, municipal floors and parks. Floor tiles, road sidewalks, open-air sculptures and other decoration projects. Among the natural granites, the white series is more popular in the market. There are following popular varieties of white granite; 60 yuan/square 3. Jilin white hemp is produced in Jilin Jiaohe Reference price: 90 yuan/square 4. Macheng sesame white is produced in Hubei Macheng Reference price: 50 yuan/square 5. Bala white is produced in Guangdong Jiedong Reference price: 145 yuan/square 6. Dahuabai is produced in Jiedong, Guangdong Reference price: 98 yuan/square 7. Inner Mongolia white hemp is produced in Inner Mongolia Xianghuang Banner Reference price: 140 yuan/square 8. White rust stone is produced in Wenshang, Shandong Reference price: 75 yuan/square 9. Silver white hemp is produced in Henan Equation reference price: 45 yuan/square 10. Suizhou white hemp is produced in Suizhou, Hubei Reference price: 72 yuan/square 11. Zijiang white is produced in Foshan Resource County Reference price: 55 yuan/square 12. Tianshan orchid is produced in Xinjiang Hanmi Reference price: 85 yuan/square 13. Swan white is produced in Fujian Zhangpu Reference price: 85 yuan/square 14. American white hemp is produced in the United States Reference price: 100 yuan/square Square 15, Shandong white hemp from Shandong white hemp reference price: 110 yuan/square 16, Foshan sesame white from Foshan resource reference price: 52 yuan/square 17, Gannan white hemp from Jiangxi Xunwu reference price: 47 yuan / square 18, Lianjiang sesame white is produced in Lianjiang, Guangdong Reference price: 80 yuan / square The texture of granite is mostly evenly distributed in spots, and most of the white granite is difficult to distinguish the name and origin. General engineering requirements for varieties It is not so high, and there are more requirements for the surface technology of the plate. The granite surface technology mainly includes lychee surface, natural surface, polished surface, fire surface, chopping surface, mushroom surface, brushed surface, pineapple surface, etc. Different surface processes Corresponding to different engineering needs. Lychee noodles are mostly used for paving large areas of pedestrians, polished surfaces are mostly used for indoor stairs and kitchen countertops, mushroom noodles and burnt noodles are mostly used for dry hanging on outdoor walls, brushed noodles are mostly used for outdoor non-slip areas, and pineapple noodles are mostly used for decorative surfaces on walls.

The price of granite above only represents the ex-factory price of the stone itself, and does not include the surface processing technology.


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