Which is better, marble background wall or slate background wall

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1. From the aesthetic point of view: Marble is a natural stone, and its aesthetic texture is definitely better than that of rock slabs. The texture is natural and transparent, and natural stone is scarce. The slate is imitated, and the pattern is fake. If your home is a high-end villa, then choose marble, because the warm texture and transparent texture of high-grade marble cannot be replaced by current slabs.

It is ok for ordinary households to use rock slabs instead. 2. From the perspective of cost: natural marble is more expensive than rock slabs, and later maintenance costs are higher, and rock slabs are more expensive than artificial marble. 3. From the perspective of environmental protection: Marble contains low radiation and has no effect on the human body. Slate resin has a high odor and contains a small amount of formaldehyde.

4. From the perspective of durability: Marble is a natural product with a long service life. Slate is artificial stone, which is easy to deform for a long time, and the use time should be shortened. The difference between natural marble and rock slabs; Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the earth's crust through the action of high temperature and high pressure in the earth's crust. It has unique patterns, is natural and smooth, and is highly decorative. a feeling of.

Slate is a mixture of quartz, granite and clay. It is a new type of material with strong plasticity and various colors. More netizens commented on which is better, marble background wall or slate background wall. Xiaohongshu user: I suggest to use imported slate slate, which is lighter than marble and will not change color. The second texture is definitely better than natural ones, because natural ones need texture If it looks good, it’s super expensive. I really don’t like fish belly white or something like fish belly white. Now the whole network seems to only use this pattern for renderings. I don’t think fish belly white is good-looking at all. There are no features. I really beg everyone not to only use fish maw white as the background wall and kitchen and toilet. I know users: Marble background walls and rock slabs have their own advantages, and they look good when laid. But if it were me, I would prefer marble. For example, the newly bought house of my Fa Xiaojia was just renovated some time ago. The TV background wall is made of marble, and the gravel texture and large plaques on the pattern seem to be It is piecemeal, but it is a whole. This color, coupled with this pattern design, is very beautiful and has a sense of art.

Baidu users: It is recommended to choose rock slabs. The pattern and texture of rock slabs are richer and more optional, especially for walls. Rock slabs are relatively thin and light, while marble is thicker in proportion. Relatively speaking, rock slabs are more It is safer, the slate has anti-ultraviolet function, the wall must be exposed to the sun, and the marble will definitely fade if exposed to the sun for a long time, but we can guarantee that the slate will not fade whether it is indoors or outdoors.


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