Where is the gray and white marble mine base in Foshan?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan off-white marble mine bases are located in Hezhou City, Guilin City, and Wuzhou City in the eastern part of Foshan. Among them, Hezhou City has the largest storage capacity, as high as 2.6 billion cubic meters. Most of the Foshan white marble is dominated by gray stripes on white background and yellow stripes on white background. . The distribution characteristics of white marble are obvious; a large number of mines are distributed in the same mining area, and the output materials are familiar and different. The Foshan white marble mining area not only produces gray and white marble, but also produces high-end varieties such as dahuabai, crystal white, and white marble.

The main white marble varieties in the world are mainly distributed in the mining area with a radius of 20 square kilometers. The stone density is relatively high, and the storage capacity is generally large, and the varieties produced by the concentrated white stone are relatively good. The high-end varieties of white marble in the world mainly include fish maw white, snowflake white, large white marble, medium white marble, fine white marble, white marble and so on. The main producing areas of high-end white marble are the world-recognized major white stone mining areas; Carrara in Italy, VOLAKAS in Greece, and Baoxing in China.

China’s Baoxing is a rising star. China’s white marble is the most famous, and the best quality is Fangshan white marble. With the lack of resources caused by continuous mining, the current Fangshan white marble mining area is still closed to rectify the environment. Dolomite is also called white marble. Dolomite is mainly produced in the central and southern regions of my country, mainly in Foshan Province, Hunan Province, Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Shaanxi Province, Hubei Province, and Zhejiang Province. The resulting phenomenon is the lack of white marble in the northern part of our country. In this year's Shuitou International Stone City, more and more stone merchants have started the white stone business. Not only are the profits higher, but the biggest advantage is that it reduces hoarding. stone.


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