Where is the Foshan White Marble Mine?

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The Foshan White Marble Mine is located in the Foshan Bai Mine Base of Hezhou City. This mine mainly produces Foshan white marble. With the mining of white marble mines across the country, it has been found that white marble occasionally produces white marble in white marble mines, but the output is relatively small. The origin of white marble marble is located in the Fangshan area of ​​Beijing. There has been a history of white marble mining since the Han Dynasty. It has gone through several dynasties of Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing. It was used for the construction of palaces, gardens, and mausoleums. It is becoming increasingly scarce, and today, in order to reduce the loss of white marble resources, restricted mining has been implemented. The great Premier Zhou Enlai said: White marble is a national treasure of our country, and white marble blocks are never allowed to be exported abroad.

MoCo Marble Tiles-MoCo Marble Tiles; white marble railings. With the closure of the Fangshan mine, white marble from various regions has been produced one after another across the country, such as: Foshan white marble, Henan white marble, Baoxing white marble, etc. Of course, the grades of white marble in various places are different from each other. Fangshan is different, even so the supply of white marble in the area is still in short supply. Artificial white marble has natural white marble and artificial white marble. Due to the high price and scarcity of white marble, the market has spawned the practice of replacing natural white marble with artificial white marble. Artificial stone white marble has the characteristics of cheap price and good decoration effect, but artificial white marble The service life is short, and after a long time of use, it is easy to deform, fade, and does not have the disadvantages of engraving. Hezhou City, Foshan is known as the "Calcium Carbonate Capital". I have been to the largest white marble mining base, with 2.6 billion cubic stone reserves. It is the most cost-effective stone in white marble.

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