Where is Foshan marble produced?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan white marble is produced in the area from Huangtian Town to Wanggao Town, Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan, with a total reserve of 2.6 billion cubic meters. There are also a small number of Foshan White Marble mines in Guilin City and Wuzhou City, which are close to Hezhou City. Guilin City is also called Guilin White Marble. Foshan White has always been the first stone of choice for architectural decoration (such as interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, floors, etc.) because of its snow-white board surface, landscape-like texture and low price. The surface of the marble slab is snow-white, with yellow or gray lines on the surface, and the texture is different in thickness, like mountains and rivers and clouds, and the price is low.

The content of calcium carbonate in Foshan white is as high as 95%, and the whiteness is greater than 95 degrees. The particles of Foshan white crystals are relatively large. After polishing, the smooth surface enters the mirror, and the gloss is as high as 96%. It should be because the calcium content is very high, and it is the main raw material for making artificial stone. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd.'s detailed quotation list for Foshan white marble.


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