What places must use marble materials for home decoration

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

More and more marble is used in home decoration. Natural marble is a high-end decorative material. With the improvement of living standards, stone materials that were only used for villa decoration in the past are also used in home decoration. So where do you need marble materials in home decoration? Mainly reflected in the following points; 1. Window sill stone When it comes to what material the window sill stone needs, the decoration company or decoration workers will suggest you to use marble material. Natural marble belongs to Class A decoration materials, and its radiation is even lower than that of ceramic tile furniture. , the use of marble window sill stone is not only beautiful, but because of the high hardness of marble, it will not crack even if it is seated, and the service life can reach 70 to 100 years, and it can also be ground and polished again. 2. Bathroom trough stone The bathroom trough stone is laid in the middle of the shower room, and then a low-lying water guide is made around it, which not only decorates beautifully, but also separates the bathroom from wet and dry to reduce water vapor.

Generally, marble is used for bathroom slotting stone, and granite belongs to Class B stone for decoration, which can only be used outdoors or for stairs. 3. Marble background wall Natural marble has a certain degree of light transmission. It is not only magnificent and beautiful to decorate the background wall of the living room, but also the mainstream at this stage and the future trend. Marble decoration, which is essential for home decoration, mainly has the above three points. Of course, there are many places where marble is used. Foshan white non-slip marble is now more popular in the kitchen, which can effectively absorb oil stains and has a strong anti-slip effect.

The stone materials used in home decoration include natural marble and artificial stone. Generally, natural marble is the majority, and artificial stone is generally used for shopping mall decoration. The price of natural marble ranges from more than one hundred to several thousand, or even tens of thousands. Here I recommend Foshan white marble, the most cost-effective natural marble. The price is only a little more expensive than ceramic tiles. It is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also has a long service life and is easy to renovate.


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