What kinds of white natural marble are commonly used

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1. Jazz White Marble Another variety of Greek white marble is Jazz White Marble (White of Volakas). This marble mining point is distributed in several different addresses, but they are all located in Falakro Mountain. Jazz white marble has a common white background color, but it also has veins of other colors on it, ranging from gray, black, brown, pink to purple. This variety of stone has replaced several brands of Italian marble over the past few years.

2. Fish maw white marble Fish maw white is a kind of white marble mined in Italy. This stone is deeply loved by designers and owners in terms of material, pattern, and smoothness. Given the color between white and pale pink, it approximates the color of the belly of a fish. It has the characteristics of weathering resistance, easy corrosion, durability and beauty, and it is used as a decoration material in high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places.

3. Snowflake White Snowflake White Stone is produced in Italy. Snowflake White Marble is a type of calcareous stone, and its surface is particularly easy to scratch when used. The overall color is pure white, the whole body is snow white, and its texture is relatively pure, with obvious features such as crystals and snowflakes and transparency, which can be divided into thicknesses. Uneven texture distribution, fine texture, high gloss, can reach 120 degrees.

It is used in the interior decoration of high-end places, such as the spiral staircase in the hotel lobby, high-end public places, and office walls in group companies. 4. Ascot is a high-grade marble. It belongs to carbonate metamorphic rocks, originally the lime mud on the seabed gradually accumulated and crystallized to become dolomite. The base color is creamy white with little gray streaks.

The color is white and moist like jade, the particles are fine, the lines are rare, beautiful and elegant, but the texture is soft and easy to damage, and the price is relatively expensive. Used for stair railings, service desks, door faces, dadoes, window sill panels, modern style walls, bar counters, etc. 5. Foshan White Foshan White has always been the first choice stone for architectural decoration (such as interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, floors, etc.) because of its snow-white board surface, landscape and cloud-like texture, and low price.

The surface of the marble slab is snow-white, with yellow or gray lines on the surface, and the texture is different in thickness, like mountains and rivers and clouds, and the price is low. 6. Oriental White Oriental White is a natural marble plate as a high-grade decorative material. Oriental White is mainly used in buildings with high architectural decoration requirements. Milky white, snow mountain pattern, slightly transparent.

Used in indoor high-end decoration, components, light-transmitting panels, wash basins, countertops, handicrafts, etc. Ascot White, Jazz White, Fish Maw White, and Snowflake White are all imported marbles, while Ascot White and Foshan White are domestic marbles. There are many other white marbles, such as white marble, Baoxing white, crystal white, Yugoslav white and so on.

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