What is unique about imitated natural marble

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In the building materials market, there have always been many building materials imitating natural marble, such as marble tiles, marble slabs, artificial marble, etc. So many imitators are enough to prove the uniqueness of natural marble. And the uniqueness of natural marble is mainly reflected in those aspects? 1. First of all, we compare it from the material. Natural marble has high hardness, is not easy to deform, has stable physical properties, fine internal structure, no hair on the surface, small expansion coefficient, anti-rust, anti-magnetic, insulation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and easy maintenance. . The popular home improvement material tiles on the market are made of refractory metal and semi-metal oxides, which are fired by a special process. The glaze on the surface is easy to scratch, and the wear and tear after renovation cannot be repaired.

Slate has the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but the material is relatively brittle, easy to burst and break, easy to bend and deform, and has high hardness, which is difficult to process. Terrazzo is high in India, strong in wear resistance, but poor in corrosion resistance, not waterproof, and prone to water seepage. Artificial marble is filled with crushed stones and made of resin adhesive. It has the advantages of most natural marble corrosion resistance and rust resistance. However, artificial marble is not resistant to high temperature. Under the action of high temperature, the resin inside artificial marble will stick The agent will expand, causing the artificial marble to deform.

2. From the comparison of materials, natural marble has a service life and high cost performance that other materials cannot match. In comparison with the appearance that most consumers attach great importance to, the lines of natural marble are all natural, and each piece has a unique natural texture and color, which outlines an infinitely imaginative picture and brings infinite surprises to people. Because the ceramic tiles are produced by template, the patterns on the glaze surface are repeated and rigid, without natural and vivid colors.

The texture of slate is close to that of natural marble, but there are not many lines, and the color tone is mainly black, white and gray. The outline of the pattern lacks the agility of natural marble. Terrazzo is made of a mixture of crushed stones of various colors. The appearance of terrazzo is rich in color and pattern, but it is mainly dotted, without the natural and dynamic lines of natural marble, and cannot present a picturesque surface. Natural marble combines the advantages of appearance and material quality, which naturally highlights the uniqueness of natural marble among many building materials, which is why many building materials have been imitating natural marble.

Foshan white marble belongs to domestic natural marble, accounting for 25% of the total white marble in the country.


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