What is the effect of white marble decoration

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

What is the effect of white marble decoration? There are more than 400 kinds of marble in my country, among which white is the most. High-end villas are all customized with marble as the material for the whole house. In recent years, the country's stone materials have developed steadily, and the consumption of stone materials has increased year-on-year, which is enough to show that more and more people choose stone materials for decoration, and the decoration technology is becoming more and more perfect. General decoration companies suggest that household owners choose materials such as ceramic tiles, not marble decoration. The effect is poor, and the main factors that affect the entry of some marble into thousands of households are: 1. The marble installation process requires high requirements, and most of the general marble is decorated in the form of dry hanging to prevent the stone from anti-alkali. At present, the dry-hanging process of marble in my country is not popular. After installation, glue needs to be added and polished. There is no complicated process and high requirements. Inexperienced masters dare not try it.

2. There are various types of marble, but the variety of marble in each region is single, which cannot meet the needs of customers. In addition, the decoration company recommends other alternative products. White marble decoration is mainly used in the wall of the living room.


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