What is the difference between natural marble dining table and artificial marble dining table

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Both natural marble dining tables and artificial marble have the advantages of high hardness, strong wear resistance, and durability, and are very popular furniture items at present. In a broad sense, they are all similar dining tables, but they are actually quite different. The essential difference: artificial marble is a chemically synthesized thing with many impurities in the filler, and there are cement type, composite type, polyester type and the like, which sounds unsafe and harmful to human health.

The natural marble dining table is a metamorphic rock in the earth's crust, which is pure natural, has no radiation and is environmentally friendly, so it is much more reassuring to use. Disadvantages are different: Sometimes black or gray marble dining tables are chosen to be more resistant to dirt, but natural marble has natural capillary pores, which are easy to penetrate. Restoration still takes some work. Artificial marble is easily deformed by the weather, the texture is dull and not flexible enough, and it is not pleasing to watch.

Natural marble dining tables can present different styles according to different colors of marble tabletops, white is gentle and elegant, black is mysterious and deep, and gray is calm and atmospheric. The gray marble dining table of Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Co., Ltd. is "noble and exquisite, very earl", and has won the favor of many customers. Because the texture of natural marble is unique, there are no two pieces of marble that are exactly the same, so the tabletop made of it is also relatively unique, and the price will be a little more expensive than artificial marble dining tables.

Natural marble dining tables are more suitable for middle and high-end places, such as villas and hotels. The artificial marble dining table is suitable for some ordinary tea restaurants, beverage shops, etc. The pattern of the natural marble dining table is natural and clear, beautiful and unique. It is not only practical in home life, but also a beautiful scenery, highlighting the temperament of the whole house and setting off the atmosphere of the space scene.

If financial conditions permit, it can be used as the first choice for table selection.


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