What is the difference between natural marble background wall and artificial stone background wall

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The choice of marble TV background wall for home decoration includes a background wall made of relatively expensive natural marble, and an artificial stone background wall that is relatively affordable. Both have their own advantages and different decorative effects. The natural stone background wall is light-transmitting. The unique and diverse textures of natural stone make each piece of natural stone unique. The natural stone background wall mainly highlights the effect of matching patterns. It is the first choice for villas and high-end home decoration. It shows high-end, atmosphere, High-grade decorative effect. The aberration ratio of stone materials reflects the layering of the background wall in a deeper level, and the natural stone background wall has the characteristics of cleanliness and long service life.

The biggest feature of artificial stone background wall is seamless splicing. Artificial stone is mainly made of marble chips and powder as raw materials. After being cured at high temperature by synthetic resin and other materials, its material has good toughness and is not easy to break. The installation of artificial stone background walls has relatively low technical requirements for workers. Most artificial stone background walls do not need to be dry hung or spot hung. White cement wet paste is mostly used. The permeability of artificial stone is relatively low, so there is no need to worry about the cement slurry penetrating into the interior And marketing the color of the stone. Furthermore, the cost of artificial stone is far lower than that of natural stone. The style of artificial stone background wall is relatively simple, which is not as good-looking as natural stone. The mainstream artificial stone background walls in the market mainly include artificial fish maw white background wall and infiltrated marble background wall.

For those who want to install a marble background wall for decoration, the editor suggests a few suggestions; 1. Natural stone can be used if the financial conditions permit; 2. Natural stone must be selected for villa decoration; 3. Artificial stone can be selected for general home decoration;


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