What is the difference between marble installation process and tiling

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The installation process of marble is very different from the installation process of tiling. If you install marble in your home and you find a master who installs tiles to install it, then you will have many problems in the follow-up of your marble. The price of installing marble is much more expensive than installing tiles. Times, don't be greedy for cheap and find someone who doesn't know how to install marble. Marble installation process 1. Marble dry hanging. This method is used for wall installation. First fix it on the wall with bolts, then weld the steel frame. The horizontal line of the welded steel frame must be vertical, and then paste the marble on the fixed steel frame. On the shelf, use AB glue to paste, and there is a certain distance between the marble and the wall. If the room space is large enough, it is recommended to use dry-hanging to install marble. Although the cost will be higher, dry-hanging is safer and there are fewer stone lesions.

2. For marble wet paste, a layer of steel mesh should be laid on the wall first, and then concrete wet paste (white cement must be used). This method of bonding effects saves space. 3. Direct paste, directly paste the wall or floor. This method generally pastes thinner stones with a thickness of less than 10mm. If the stone is too heavy, it is recommended to use other methods. After all, the marble is too heavy, and there is a risk of falling when pasted on the wall. Especially outdoors.

The use of white cement mortar paste is a more economical solution, but the problem of stone rusting is relatively large. If you choose this solution, you need to take waterproof measures for the stone. Precautions for tile installation; Before laying tiles, water should be watered one day in advance, and the base surface should be cleaned in time. The base surface should be dry, free of hollowing, and flatness up to standard.

After the strength of the base surface reaches the standard, subsequent construction such as arranging bricks, springing lines, and tile paving can be carried out. In addition, the tiles need to be soaked in water in advance until there is no foaming, and they need to be taken out after soaking to let them dry naturally. Where there is a water outlet in the bathroom and balcony, attention should be paid to the drainage slope to avoid water accumulation.

It can be seen that the marble installation process and ceramic tiles are more complicated. As long as some small details are not noticed during marble installation, it may cause subsequent stone rusting and lesions.


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