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What is the difference between artificial stone and granite

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Granite is also called artificial granite, which is made of white marble gravel, powder, and synthetic resin cured at high temperature. After cutting, the texture of the board surface is generally imitated by a special printer to imitate the texture of natural marble, so granite is also called artificial marble. . There is a certain difference between artificial stone and artificial marble. Artificial marble belongs to artificial stone, but artificial stone does not belong to artificial marble. The varieties of artificial stone are; 1. Artificial granite: marble is used as the main raw material.

Advantages: Artificial granite has the advantages of good toughness, easy processing, unbreakable, low price, and uniform texture. Many large shopping malls will consider using artificial granite. Disadvantages: low hardness, easy to scratch, easy to deform, low service life. 2. Artificial quartz stone: Quartz stone is used as the main raw material.

Advantages: Artificial quartz stone has high compression resistance, high temperature resistance and high hardness, and is mostly used for kitchen countertops. Disadvantages: The texture of the board surface is relatively fixed, with few patterns and few usage scenarios. 3. Artificial terrazzo: terrazzo is also called inorganic stone, and cement is used as the main raw material.

Advantages: It has very good water absorption, and it will not turn against the water in the south wind, and it can resist pressure and high temperature. Disadvantages: High price 4. Rock slab: Rock slab is actually a variety of artificial stone. Advantage: Compared with artificial granite, the advantage of rock slab is that the surface of rock slab has the luminosity of natural marble, the price is low, and the patterns can be customized and diverse. Disadvantages: Difficult to process and easy to break No matter what kind of artificial stone is used, the scenes used are different. Slate is mostly used for background walls, granite is mostly used for floor tiles and sinks, quartz stone is mostly used for kitchen countertops, and terrazzo can be used outdoors .

Decoration suggestions: If you have enough funds, you can choose natural marble interior decoration, if you don't have enough funds, you can choose according to the above categories.


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