What are the varieties of black natural marble

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Compared with other colors, black marble varieties are much less, so the price is often higher, and it is mostly used for hall walls, table tops, cabinets, floors, etc. Before introducing black marble varieties, we need to understand that marble and granite are completely different stone materials. Some businessmen often refer to black granite as marble, and the price of marble is much higher than that of granite. Differences between marble and granite; 1. The surface of the marble slab is textured and irregular.

2. The surface of the granite slab is dotted, and the texture of the whole slab is uniform. There are several types of black marble: 1. Black gold flower marble: mostly with golden lines on a black background, it is often used on TV tabletops, window sills, door covers, and stone pillars. 2. Black and white root marble: produced in Foshan and Hubei, with black background and white lines, the price is around 80-120 per square meter.

3. Castle Black Marble: Made in Turkey 4. Night Snow Marble: Made in Hezhou City, Foshan, the price is about 100-150 per square meter 5. Lauren Black Gold Marble: Imported stone 6. Tulip Marble: Made in Fujian Province 7 , Heiyu Binghua: Produced in Guizhou Province, also known as Black Queen, the price is 90-130 yuan 8, Silver White Dragon Marble: Black background and white straight lines, produced in Foshan Even if it is the same variety, the lines produced by different mines are different Yes, for example, Black Sands on the market has products from Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and local places. When choosing black marble, pay attention to a few points; 1. Don't buy stained boards. Dyeing board is to use black dye to deepen the color of marble. Some marble colors do not meet the requirements of Party A. The contractor may dye the board. The dyeing board cannot be seen in the early stage. After a long time, the color will degrade and the overall wall color will not be consistent. And other issues.

2. If you need a large amount of black marble, you should find a domestic manufacturer to connect with it, which can guarantee the quality. Now many manufacturers can process it, and they will also explain the quality of the board to you. 3. Don't confuse black marble with granite. The price difference between the two is relatively large. It is better to use less granite for interior decoration. It is recommended to use granite for outdoors. After all, granite is cheap and sun-resistant.


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