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Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing white marble craft carving products, marble reliefs, marble shadow carvings, marble round carvings, and marble sinking carvings. 1. Marble relief. That is to say, a three-dimensional image is carved on the surface of the stone, which is a semi-three-dimensional sculpture.

It is called relief because the image is embossed on the stone surface. According to the depth of the stone surface, it can be divided into shallow relief and high relief. The bas-relief is a single-level statue with a relatively single content and no hollowing out.

High-relief sculptures are multi-layered images with complicated content, and are often hollowed out by openwork techniques, which are more fascinating. Reliefs are mostly used for wall decoration of buildings, as well as dragon pillars and drums of temples. The Royal Road of the Forbidden City in Beijing is a relief.

2. Marble garden sculpture. It is a three-dimensional pseudo-modeling artwork that exists in a single body. Every surface of the stone requires processing. The craftsmanship is good at hollowing out techniques and fine chopping axes. There are many types of such carvings, most of which are made of a single stone, and some are composed of multiple stones. It is so ingenious that it is called "micro-carving".

This kind of product has completely deviated from the practicality of architecture and has become a pure handicraft. It is more portable because of its small size. It is a commemorative treasure and has a good development prospect. 3. Marble sinking. Also known as "line carving", it is a work of art that uses the "water grinding and sinking flower" carving method.

This kind of engraving method absorbs traditional brushwork techniques such as Chinese painting and meaning, overlapping, line modeling and scatter perspective. After the stone is processed and polished, the pattern and text are traced, and then the lines are engraved according to the picture. The thickness and depth of the lines are used to reflect the three-dimensional effect. Most of these products are used for the surface decoration of the outer walls of buildings, which have a strong artistic quality. 4. Marble Shadow Sculpture.

A new craft developed on the basis of the "needle black and white" craft in the early years. The earliest works were not created by Hui'an artists in the 1960s. Because the works are all based on photos, they are called "shadow sculptures". This kind of carving is made of jade crystal lake bluestone cut and sawn into a flat plate. Points, only divided into different levels of black and white, so that the image is displayed, not only delicate and realistic, but also unique charm, which is the development of stone carving to pure art, and has opened up a new way for the production of stone carving crafts.


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