What are the types of marble

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my country's marble mineral resources are extremely rich, with large reserves and many varieties, and the total reserves rank among the top in the world. According to incomplete statistics, it is preliminarily found that there are nearly 400 varieties of domestic marble, each of which has its own unique pattern and color, and has a different style and temperament! Some of their temperaments are like elegant and dignified goddesses, some are like elegant and dignified girls, and some are like handsome sons! The style can also be divided into noble and elegant, mysterious and profound, and gentle and soft. The classification of marble varieties will be distinguished in different ways. Some are named by origin and color, such as Dandong Green, Tieling Red, Foshan White, Italian Gray, etc.; some are named by pattern and color, such as Snowflake White and Aiyeqing , Dahuabai; some are named after the image of the pattern, such as autumn scenery, sea waves; therefore, due to different places of origin, there are often similar phenomena with different names or different rocks with the same name.

Marble has a variety of colors, and the more famous whites are: white marble, fish maw white, snowflake white, etc. Grey: domestic ones include Hangzhou ash from Hangzhou, Zhejiang; cloud ash from Dali, Yunnan, etc.; foreign ones include cloud ash and Turkish ash. The yellow ones include: Henan Zhechuan Rosin Yellow, Rosin Jade and Beige; Sichuan Baoxing Yellow Line Jade, etc.

The colorful ones include: spring flowers, autumn flowers, and ink flowers in Yunnan; snowy night plum blossoms in Quzhou, Zhejiang, etc. In addition to the classification of marble, there are also subdivisions of its color and texture. For example, "Foshan White" from Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Co., Ltd. has fine lines, straight lines, and flowing lines. The straight grain of yellow wood in Foshan White extends in a straight line because of its grain direction, so it can be used as background wall decoration to make the space look more open! The flowing pattern of Foshan White means rushing water and a symbol of wealth, and it can be decorated to create a sense of grandeur and unrestrained space.

Because of its appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble will also have ABCD differences. When purchasing, it is necessary to make a lot of effort to inspect and observe it, so as to make good use of their perfect decorative value to achieve satisfactory results. decorative effect.


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