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Marble is one of the best decorative materials in the current home, and it is also the most used material in the home. It has good decorative properties. Marble does not contain radiation and has bright colors and rich colors. It is widely used in interior walls and floors. Decoration, especially white marble, is beautiful whether it is laid on the floor or attached to the wall. 2. Marble performs very well in terms of wear resistance and is not easy to age. Its service life is generally about 50-80 years. At the same time, it has the characteristics of non-conductivity, non-magnetic conductivity, and stable field position. One of the main reasons. 3. There are many places where marble is used in modern society, not only for household use, but also in industry, marble is widely used.

Such as: used for raw materials, purifiers, etc. 1. Carrara white marble is produced in Carrara, Italy. It is called Carrara white marble. The minerals also produce snowflake white marble and large white marble. It belongs to imported high-end stone. The main feature of Carrara white is the natural stone pattern, fine texture, and stone The hardness is relatively high. 2. Yugoslav White Produced in Yugoslavia, it is also called Naslav White Marble. The biggest feature of Yugoslav White Marble is that the background color is very white, and white is the whitest among many stone materials.

3. Greek white marble This variety of marble is mainly mined in Greece and has been widely used for hundreds of years. It has many shades and colors, the highest can be close to pure white and pale. 4. Jazz White Marble This marble is mined in several different addresses, but all are located in Falakro Mountain.

Jazz white marble has a common white background color, but it also has veins of other colors on it, ranging from gray, black, brown, pink to purple. 5. Icelandic white jade marble is produced in the Harbis Province of Namibia. The stone is pale in color and is named for its resemblance to rhino horn and other types of pure ivory.


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