What are the types of gray marble

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Gray marble has become more and more popular as a decorative material, and has become synonymous with "high-grade gray". There are more and more gray stone varieties, which often dazzle buyers! Let us appreciate the fashionable gray marble today. Turkish gray, which belongs to the relatively cold gray tone, Turkish gray natural marble plate, is mainly used in buildings with high architectural decoration requirements, such as interior walls and floors of large public buildings such as exhibition halls or theaters. It can create a high-end atmospheric space effect.

It is also commonly used in stair railings, window sills, skirting boards, etc. Hermes gray can be said to be the most popular gray marble. It has rich layered texture, strong decorative texture, fine material and good luminosity. It is very suitable for indoor floor and wall paving. Yundola has gray and white stripes on the gray background, dotted with brown lines, with distinct layers, rough and not messy.

Castle gray is dark yellow and close to gray. It is the only high-grade warm gray marble with a simple and elegant appearance, suitable for large-scale use. Italian gray is imported natural marble, which is used for high-end interior decoration. Its gray chaotic pattern is elegant and simple, which is more suitable for modern and simple decoration. The blues gray mottled patterns are like big blooming flowers, elegant and luxurious, giving people a sense of noble and luxurious.

It is suitable for matching with any style and soft decoration, and can easily create a stylish or elegant space atmosphere when used for background wall decoration. Earl gray, gray fine lines, elegant and smart, low-key and unassuming. It gives people a sense of tranquility and can create a comfortable and elegant sense of space. It can be tiled on the floor of the room to make the space have a wider view.

Both Vendola gray and Turkish gray are produced in France and Turkey, while Bruce gray and Earl gray are produced in Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Co., Ltd. MoCo Marble Tiles has 12 mines, direct sales from the production area, and rich resources. Gray marble not only accounts for a large proportion of the stone market, but also has a wonderful performance in clothing design. At the opening ceremony of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, Peng Yuyan wore a gray marble pattern suit from the Berluti 2019 Winter Series, elegant and sexy , stunning four. It can be seen that the future of gray marble can be expected.


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