What are the types of conventional white marble on the market

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The main types of conventional white marble on the market are: snowflake white, fish belly white, Ascot white, jazz white, crystal white, Carrara white, Yugoslavia white, fine flower white, large flower white, Han white marble, Oriental white, Foshan white, etc. my country's white marble mines mainly include Fangshan Hanbaiyu mining area, Hanzhong Yunhuibai mining area in Shaanxi Province, Shiyan City mining area in Hubei Province, Hunan Leiyang Xiangbaiyu mining area and Yongzhou Dolomite mining area, Sichuan Baoxing Baiyu Dongfangbai mining area, Yunnan white marble mining area, Foshan Hezhou City Foshan white marble mining area and Guilin white mining area. It can be seen that my country's white marble mining areas are concentrated in the southern region of my country. In the central region, there are only mining areas in Shaanxi Province and Hubei Province. With the deterioration of the environment caused by mining, more and more mining areas have been rectified. Among them, Fangshan area and Hunan Lei The Yang mining area has already stopped mining for rectification. Originally, the supply of white marble in my country was rising sharply, and the stone materials in the market could not meet my country's demand for white marble at all.

It can be said that no matter which mining area is likely to produce good white marble or poor white stone, domestic white marble mining areas generally produce large white, snowflake white, crystal white, white marble, etc., and poor marble can also be used for engineering or floor. Common application scenarios of white marble include: kitchen desktop and wall decoration, toilet bathroom decoration, sink decoration, background wall decoration, window sill stone decoration, etc. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. focuses on the mining of Foshan white marble and white marble. It has been customizing, processing and selling white marble for 13 years. It is the largest and most powerful natural marble processing plant in Hezhou, Foshan.


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