What are the non-slip processing methods for marble slabs

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Marble is not only a high-end decorative material, but marble floor tiles can be used for 70 to 100 years for decoration. Due to the high hardness of marble, not easy to wear and tear, long service life and many factors at favorable prices, it has always been the first choice for outdoor decoration floor tiles. Marble is a high-end decorative material. It is often used outdoors in subways, airports, parks, parking lots, squares and other places. It is usually a crowded place. If the marble surface is too slippery, it is easy to cause people to fall, so the anti-slip processing of the marble surface has a certain effect. What methods? 1. The rough surface The rough surface is also called the machine-cut surface. It is a board surface that has not undergone any processing. The large slab formed by cutting marble with a large saw is the rough surface. Generally speaking, the rough surface is the board surface that consumes the most in the project. The rough surface is unprocessed, relatively non-slip in itself, and the price is the cheapest.

2 Glossy surface The smooth surface is the panel surface after the rough surface has been polished by the grinding head. The smooth panel is mostly used for interior decoration. Generally, good marble will be polished and sold. Smooth marble is the most sold stone. 3. Pickling surface The pickling surface is more slip-resistant than the rough surface. It is rinsed with dilute hydrochloric acid. After the surface is rinsed with hydrochloric acid, a chemical reaction occurs to make the surface uneven. The pickled surface is more anti-fouling, anti-penetration, anti-slip, and can also be used in kitchens and toilets.

Pickling noodles are 20 to 30 yuan more expensive than rough noodles. 4. The uneven surface of the lychee surface is called lychee surface after knocking. The operation of lychee surface is time-consuming and expensive, so it is generally not recommended to use. 5 Burning surface Use the burning surface crystal to make it burst.

6 Washing surface Use a high-pressure water gun to spray the surface of the board to make it uneven. The usual antique surface is a combination of burning surface and water washing surface. First, the crystals on the surface of the surface are burst, and then the burrs on the surface of the surface are washed with a high-pressure water gun. The fire surface requires relatively high technology.


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