What are the most popular white marble and gray marble in 2020

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Recently, the price of white marble continues to rise. Many people are both confused and at the same time express their understanding, because the fresh, elegant and generous temperament of white marble cannot be replaced by many decorative materials such as granite and ceramic tiles. As society reigns supreme, white marble ultra-contemporary decor takes off. Foshan white in white marble highlights the simple and minimalist style.

Bright white has become the choice of many villa decorations. The non-slip coefficient of Foshan white marble floor tiles reaches 0.6, and the surface is treated with anti-slip crystal surface. When it encounters water, the force-bearing area will form a suction cup effect, which is safe and non-slip, and the safety of home use is guaranteed. The unique pattern of Foshan white marble can also be transformed into a unique style of landscape painting through typography design. The specifications and texture can be customized freely, which is flexible and very suitable for the aesthetic requirements, personality and fashion of young people.

So what are the most popular white marble in 2020? The soft and natural texture of white marble touches people's hearts. You can't speak without becoming a popular marble. White marbles such as jazz white, fish belly white, and ascot white are all "stars" in the stone world.

They are expensive and valuable, not only can perfectly decorate the walls and floors of the house, but also match well with gray marble tabletops and gray marble coffee tables. There is also the most cost-effective Foshan white stone, which not only has excellent price, but also has good decorative effect, high profit and good market prospect. White can not only be full of gentle charm, but also make people unique.

It can also be used for carving to describe and outline the complex texture and reveal the secrets of the wonderful life of rich and noble families. The space as a whole shows a romantic style, has its own format, and can be enjoyed more romantically. The combination of gray marble and white marble is very classic, and the collision of two marbles can appear more artistic.

White marble is a style that pursues a high quality of life with a sophisticated, luxurious, clean and bright appearance. Modern urban luxury, it can show the most ideal state of life, not only can be full of gentle charm, give people a happy and warm feeling, but also make the style unique and unique.


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