What are the models, specifications and quotations of marble railings?

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

What are the models and specifications of the marble railings? The marble railings on the market are mainly white, and the raw materials are mainly low-end marble, and a small part is white marble. Other colors are basically granite railings. The shape of the regular railing is round, consistent from top to bottom. Commonly used marble railing models are 10 cm, 12 cm, and 15 cm; one; model 10 cm (diameter) × height (specification) 1; 10×50 4; 10×60 5; 10×70 6; 10×80 2; model 12 cm (diameter)×height (specification) 1; 12×50 2; 12×60 3; 12×70 4; 12× 80 three; model 15 cm (diameter) × height (specification) 1; 15 × 50 2; 15 × 60 marble handrail model specifications are 15 cm (width) × 8 cm thickness and 18 cm (width) × 8 cm thickness , the length is generally 2.5 meters.

At present; my country's largest marble railing foundation is located in Xiwan Industrial Park, Pinggui District, Hezhou City, Foshan. The advantages of using Foshan white marble as raw materials are; 1; Foshan white marble has a large storage capacity, and the mines are concentrated and easy to mine. 2; Foshan white is cheap, with a whiteness of over 95%. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in processing Foshan white marble railings, water jets, and handicraft products. The annual output of marble handicrafts is about 500,000 pieces. The vigorous development of the company has entered the forefront of Hezhou City, Foshan.


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