What are the good ways to polish marble floor

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It has become a very common phenomenon to use natural marble as floor tiles for hotel home decoration, because compared with traditional tiles, natural marble floor tiles have the advantages of beautiful and elegant board surface, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and long service life. After the surface is polished, it will last forever and is the best material for floor tiles. The polishing of the marble floor is also done in different ways. The stone floor that wants to get a high-brightness mirror effect is completed by the following methods. They are: 1. Apply a layer of wax or a layer of coating on the stone surface, Natural or synthetic waxes can be used; 2. Crystallize the marble floor with a crystal surface care machine. Deciding which method is best: You must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Understand that stone is a porous surface, and the pores of stone allow the stone to breathe and circulate moisture in the air. If the pores become clogged, the moisture will be blocked Inside the stone. When moisture tries to dissipate, pressure builds up and often looks dark. Eventually the stone will crack and fall off. Example of marble floor effect after polishing 1. Waxing is divided into three layers, base wax, top wax, and polishing wax. The advantage of the waxing method is that it is easy to use and protects the stone from staining/abrasion. The disadvantage is that the wax clogs the stone pores, the stone cannot breathe, it is difficult to clean and maintain, and the stone and wax layer will turn yellow/easy to be worn/glossy after a long time Unnatural (hazy surface)/easy to absorb dust. The wax layer must be removed every 1 to 3 months, waxed and polished again, and a lot of manual maintenance is required every day. 2. Crystal surface treatment method: the marble floor gloss after crystal surface treatment Natural, anti-slip, waterproof, anti-fouling and other effects. Make pores breathable. No need for frequent maintenance. Long service life, less materials, saving labor. Improve work efficiency and facilitate work management. The maintenance of stone floors is fast , Simple, safe and most cost-effective way to renovate stone and restore the original natural luster. The above two methods of maintenance and polishing have their own advantages, and it is a matter of opinion which method to use! .


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