What are the Foshan marble vase columns


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Chinese stone Foshan Baishi, English name Bianco CrownMarble, produced in Foshan, China. The surface of the marble slab is white, with yellow stripes or gray tendons on the surface, with different thicknesses, and the texture is like a landscape cloud. It is always the best stone for architectural decoration than other white natural marbles.

Its application range can be widely used as building exterior walls (such as lines, curved panels, Roman columns, carvings, fire, lychee surfaces, smooth surfaces, pickling surfaces), interior decoration (such as interior walls, window sill surfaces, bottom lines, grounds) And other building stone, but also to make railing handrail crafts (vase railings,) and so on. Foshan white marble vase balustrade styles include vase round, square, and special-shaped. The width of the baluster column is 10cm, 12cm, and the conventional height is 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, etc. For other special-shaped railings, you can find a professional railing processing factory.

Foshan white marble is produced in Hezhou, Foshan. MoCo Marble Tiles is a professional manufacturer of Foshan white marble processing. It has long-term supply of various conventional specifications of railing columns. The factory has a large number of specifications of railings in stock and can be shipped at any time. MoCo Marble Tiles product delivery process; 1. Before the product is packaged, customers can go to the factory for inspection, inspection, packaging and loading 2. Online video inspection: Our company adopts an advanced online video order monitoring system, and customers can complete it without leaving home Inspection 3. Third-party inspection: customers can entrust a third-party company to conduct inspections 4. Trust inspection: customers can entrust our department to conduct inspections, and our department has a special QC department for inspections. MoCo Marble Tiles manufacturer is located in Xiwan Industrial, Pinggui District, Hezhou City At the intersection of Pinggong East Road and Pinggong North Road, Team 204 of the park, you can directly search for "Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd." on Baidu Maps to find the company's customization. Sold at home and abroad.


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