What are the disadvantages and advantages of natural marble

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Natural marble has a bright decorative effect and is a high-end building decoration material. Its biggest disadvantage is its expensive decoration and material costs, which are destined not to be affordable by ordinary families. The advantages of natural marble in decoration are: 1. It can be processed many times. Marble is of medium hardness and easy to process. It can be customized and cut into various specifications of engineering boards, including edge processing and so on. 2. Easy to repair The cracks and damages caused by bumps encountered in the process of engineering decoration can be repaired through technology.

3. The marble can be refurbished after long-term contact and friction, and the surface luminosity will decrease, but it can be refurbished and polished to keep its brightness. 4. Beautiful and luxurious Natural marble decoration represents luxury, high-end, atmosphere, and high-grade. The decoration effect is not only gorgeous and beautiful, but the natural texture brings a comfortable feeling, which is our yearning for beautiful materials. The disadvantages of natural marble in decoration are: 1. The cost of materials is high. The price of natural marble plates is several times higher than that of ordinary ceramic tiles, plastics, metals, and wood materials, and the high installation cost is more than 200 square meters.

2. It is difficult to find workers. You need to find skilled workers with professional marble installation. The price is often a little higher, but a professional team will save you a lot of material loss and rework procedures. 3. Easily damaged Marble is a medium-hard material, and it is prone to collisions and damage during the decoration process. 4. The decoration period is long. Marble decoration is slow work and meticulous work, and there are many decoration processes, including late glue replenishment, polishing, etc., which require a long working time.

5. There are too many varieties and it is difficult to choose. There are hundreds of thousands of marble varieties on the market. It is difficult for many customers to distinguish or choose, and they are not at ease if they throw them directly to the decoration company. In view of the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of marble, it is recommended for high-end decoration and villa decoration. It is best to use natural marble materials. Although the cost will be higher, the decorative effect is definitely good. It is best to find some qualified decoration companies or companies with cases to cooperate with to ensure the decoration effect. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. undertakes marble decoration for villas, hotels, and large-scale projects. The company has its own marble mine and processing plant, with various varieties, professional designers and many engineering decoration cases. Design team and decoration team.


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