What are the differences between Foshan white and snowflake white marble

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Snowflake white marble belongs to the middle and high-end white stones. Foshan white and snowflake white marble have gray patterns on a white background. What are the differences between Foshan White and Snow White; 1. Price comparison; the market price of Snow White marble is several times that of Foshan White, Foshan White is the most economical in the market, and has the highest cost performance among white stones. Foshan white board 2. Application scenarios; both types of white stone belong to Class A products, which can be used for interior decoration, and Foshan white stone is mostly used as engineering stone.

3. Comparison of hardness; the hardness of the white stones that can be circulated in the market basically meets the national standard for stone hardness. Of course, some hardness is higher, and some are lower, mainly based on the reason for the formation of stone. Hardness generally affects the installation of decoration workers. Stones with higher hardness can minimize the loss of stones during decoration or cutting. 4. Density comparison; the density of white stone is basically 2.7g/kg. 5. Comparison of board and surface; two kinds of white stones have gray pattern on white background, the gray pattern of snow white is natural and smooth, and the black pattern is less, compared with Foshan white gray pattern Thick, with more patterns.

Of course; Foshan White also has good-grained boards. Whether it is good-grained or not-good-grained, the price offered by Foshan White Marble Factory is higher than that of other white stones in the market. It can be said that Foshan White is the king of cost performance among white stones.


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